Cecile Richards Admits She Doesn’t Go to Planned Parenthood for Her Own Health Care

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 29, 2015   |   1:23PM   |   Washington, DC

The head of the Planned Parenthood abortion business admitted to Congress today that she doesn’t obtain any health care from Planned Parenthood even though she repeatedly called the abortion business the largest women’s health care organization in America.

“Planned Parenthood is just like where I go for my health care every year,” Richards said, making it clear she goes someplace else for her health care. The comment came in the context of a question about whether Planned Parenthood performs mammograms, which the head of the abortion company admitted it does not.

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A writer at The Federalist, a news site with a pro-life perspective, also noticed the interesting comment:

So Richards doesn’t go to Planned Parenthood for breast exams? Why not? Why doesn’t the president of Planned Parenthood think the employees at her own organization are good enough to examine her tatas?

Maybe because Planned Parenthood clinics have the reputation of being totally gross and disease-ridden. During a routine health inspection in 2012, a Virginia clinic, for example, was found to be blood-spattered and unsanitary. These and other findings are detailed in a 65-page report. The lax standards of the nation’s largest abortion provider have also exposed women to dangerous infectious diseases, which StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer quipped about in one of the videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress.

Planned Parenthood clinics also are heavily located in low-income areas and prey upon poor minorities, which Richards, a wealthy white woman, is most certainly not. But if Planned Parenthood provides such sterling health care for women in need, why doesn’t Richards use the services of her own organization? Is it because she doesn’t approve of the standard of care provided? Or is it because she’s not in the market for an abortion, the only unique “health care” service provided by Planned Parenthood? Neither option paints her decision to avoid Planned Parenthood in a good light.

“We’re the best for women’s health,” Richards said, which, given her refusal to use Planned Parenthood’s services herself, is as encouraging as a dining invitation from a chef who refuses to eat his own creations.

If Planned Parenthood is indeed the best place for women’s health, why isn’t Richards relying on them for her own health needs?

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If Planned Parenthoo0d clinics nationwide are anything like this filthy one in Nebraska, Richards’ decision not to use Planned Parenthood for her health care makes sense.