Marco Rubio: Planned Parenthood’s Greed Pushes Women Into Abortions Instead of Adoption

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 22, 2015   |   6:27PM   |   Washington, DC

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio said that Planned Parenthood has created “an incentive for people to be pushed into abortions so that those tissues can be harvested and sold for a profit.”

During an interview with the Des Moines, Iowa CBS affiliate, he said, “Now what you’ve done is you’ve created an industry—now what you’ve done is you’ve created an incentive for people to be pushed into abortions so that those tissues can be harvested and sold for a profit… If you go to one of these centers young women are provided very few options. In many places they’re not told anything about, for example, adoption services that might be available to them. In essence, you come in and it’s already predetermined. This is the direction—this is what this place does. It provides abortions, and we are going to channel you in that direction.”

As LifeNews previously reported, in August, Rubio said Planned Parenthood should not receive any funding from the federal government after videos surfaced exposing their organ harvesting business. At an event with Ohio Right to Life he explained, “In this case it really doesn’t matter whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, we should all agree that what’s happening at Planned Parenthood, what’s being revealed in these videos, is atrocious, it’s grotesque, it’s barbaric. And there’s more to come, they shouldn’t get a penny of federal funding.”


Rubio said the money they are receiving should be redistributed to other health care clinics. He concluded, “Let’s take that money, not cut it, but take it and let’s give it to federally qualified health centers all across this country that are providing women health care without doing any atrocious activities that we see in these videos.“

Additionally, the pro-life Senator from Florida said Planned Parenthood should be de-funded because of their disregard for unborn life and disrespect for women. In a letter he explained, “It should be noted that Planned Parenthood’s callousness does not extend merely to the unborn. The videos also reveal that Planned Parenthood views the women that they purport to serve as nothing more than profit centers for their macabre business. One of the videos shows a senior Planned Parenthood official speaking casually about the tactics she employs in order to deceive patients so that their unborn children can be better utilized for organ and limb harvesting. This is a violation of the rights of their patients.”

Listen to Rubio’s recent comments in the video below.