Canadian Pro-Life Group Embarking on Cross-Country Bus Tour to Stop Abortion

International   |   We Need a Law   |   Sep 22, 2015   |   3:06PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

In conjunction with the 2015 Election, is excited to be launching lifeTOUR.

During the final four weeks of the election, lifeTOUR will travel from Halifax to Vancouver with events in twenty cities in order to raise the profile of pre-born human rights in Canada.

“The rights of children in the womb are completely neglected by Canadian law. It is unfortunate that so many politicians view pre-born children as a political liability. LifeTOUR seeks to change the public conversation so that a refusal to talk about pre-born human rights becomes a political liability,” said Mike Schouten, director of

“We want to know, from each individual candidate, where they stand,” Schouten continued. “Do they care if babies are aborted simply because the father prefers a boy? Do they care if late-term babies, who could live outside the womb, are aborted? Do they care about the second victim when a pregnant woman is murdered?”

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LifeTOUR seeks to engage Canadians in a debate that is too often dominated by shrill voices seeking to paralyze political discourse. All lifeTOUR events will feature three speakers. There will be a volunteer support team travelling with lifeTOUR and engaging Canadians at each stop on the tour.

Where we are headed:

Moncton, NB – September 23, 2015 (event details)
Charlottetown, PEI – September 24, 2015 (event details)
Halifax, NS – September 25, 2015 (event details)
Ottawa, ON – September 26, 2015 (event details)
Toronto, ON – September 28, 2015 (event details)
Guelph, ON – September 29, 2015 (event details)
Burlington, ON – September 30, 2015 (event details)
Jordan, ON – October 1, 2015 (event details)
Windsor, ON – October 2, 2015 (event details)
London, ON – October 2, 2015 (event details)
Sault Ste. Marie, ON – October 6, 2015 (event details)
Thunder Bay, ON – October 7, 2015 (event details)
Winnipeg, MB – October 8, 2015 (event details)
Regina, SK – October 9, 2015 (event details)
Moose Jaw, SK – October 13, 2015 (event details)
Saskatoon, SK – October 13, 2015 (event details)
Edmonton, AB – October 14, 2015 (event details)
Lethbridge, AB – October 15, 2015 (event details)
Kelowna, BC – October 16, 2015 (event details)
Vancouver, BC – October 17, 2015 (event details)