Planned Parenthood Board Chair Sits on Board of Group for Holocaust Survivors

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 21, 2015   |   12:20PM   |   Cincinnati, OH

In October, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio is holding a Diamond Award Gala honoring chairperson Carol Kabel. Ironically, Kabel also happens to sit on the board of The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education, a group that’s dedicated to educating others on the Holocaust.

In fact, on their website they write the following about their mission: “The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education educates about the Holocaust, remembers its victims and acts on its lessons. Through innovative programs and partnerships, CHHE challenges injustice, inhumanity and prejudice, and fosters understanding, inclusion and engaged citizenship. Resources include traveling and permanent exhibits, teacher trainings, and innovative programs.”

Kabel’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood and the Holocaust group is particularity ironic because the abortion company recently argued that their organ harvesting business benefits scientific research, which sounds a lot like what the Nazi’s said about their research on Jewish people during the Holocaust.

As LifeNews previously reported, attorney Matt Barber explained the insanity of Planned Parenthood’s claim by reminding us of Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who conducted research on children. He explained that Mengele too said he tortured and killed people for the sake of “medical research.”

Barber said, “Much of Mengele’s ‘medical research’ was conducted on children and newborns – especially twins. One witness described what happened after Mengele once delivered a Jewish fetus: ‘But when he saw that there was only one baby and not twins, he tore the baby right out of the mother’s uterus, threw it into an oven and walked away,’ she said. ‘We saw this.’”

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Later he added, “The jig’s up, you cold, calculating, modern-day Mengeles. The amazing investigative journalism of The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has exposed smoking-gun proof that you intentionally and illegally profit, in the millions, by “crushing,” dismembering alive and otherwise torturing to death our most innocent fellow human beings, and then selling their body parts for Mengelesque “medical research.”

These are babies, and you know it. You’ve always known it. Even so, and with a conscience seared black by the father of lies himself, you simply don’t care.”

Since Planned Parenthood is holding an event to honor Kabel, it’s fair to assume that she gives significantly to their abortion business or has connected them with large donors. Additionally, her online profile indicates that she was previously the Vice-President of Kentucky Inc., a board member of Planned Parenthood of Maryland Inc. and is listed as a board member for Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.