Baby With 1 Percent Chance to Live Thriving After Parents Refused Abortion

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 16, 2015   |   4:22PM   |   London, England

In the United Kingdom, Sadie Cratchley went into labor four months early and her baby was given a one percent chance of surviving birth. In fact, doctors told Sadie and her husband Marc to let their daughter go because most preemies born at 23-weeks die.

Sadie explained, “The doctors asked us to decide whether we wanted them to try and save her or not. They told us that they could try but that she probably wasn’t going to make it.”

However, the Daily Mail reports that on January 9th Sadie welcomed Kaci-Rose into her family. At birth, her daughter weighed 1lb 2oz and was 10.8 inches. Sadie explained what it was like to see her daughter for the first time.

She said, “She was literally the size of my hand when she was born. She was bright red and her skin was really sticky. You could see all her veins. I don’t know why I went into labor so early, but if I had gone into hospital a day earlier they would have sent me home to have a miscarriage.”

She added, “They wouldn’t have even attempted to do anything at 22 weeks and six days, but my birth was all normal and after that the chance of Kaci-Rose surviving went up to 25 per cent.”

Sadie said that she delivered Kaci-Rose at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset and then she was transferred to the neo-natal unit at Southmead Hospital. At the hospital, doctors attached tubes to help Kaci-Rose breath and put her on medication to help her kidneys.

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Sadie said, “It was scary because she still had all of these machines hooked up to her. There were lots of different wires and tubes attached. She was on the ventilator for 11 weeks and I wasn’t able to hold her until after then. She also had to have laser eye surgery at about three months because her blood vessels weren’t developing properly.”

Remarkably, now Kaci-Rose is eight months old and weighs over 8lbs. In July, Sadie and her husband Marc were allowed to take Kaci-Rose home after a seven-month stay in the hospital. Currently, she is using a tube for oxygen and is connected to heart rate and oxygen monitor.

Sadie said, “She is eight months old now but has the development of a four month old. She weighs 8lbs 7oz and is about 56cm long now, so about the size of a newborn. We were told she will probably have cerebral palsy but it is too early to tell yet. We were also told she would be blind and deaf but she can hear and see some things. So far she has proved everyone wrong.”

She concluded, “I’m very thrilled with how far she has come. It has been very bumpy and emotional and it is still hard. We take each day as it comes but at the moment we are just enjoying spending time with her and doing absolutely everything we can to make sure she has a normal life.”

Compare the difference in Kaci Rose then and now.