Missouri Pro-Lifers Protest Company That May be Selling Aborted Babies From Planned Parenthood

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 15, 2015   |   11:12AM   |   St. Louis, MO

In Missouri, pro-life supporters gathered in front of Pathology Services Inc. last weekend to protest the company’s negotiations with Planned Parenthood. The St. Louis Review reports that they want to know what the lab does with fetal remains when they are finished with their pathology exams. In August, a Missouri committee discovered that Pathology Services Inc. acts as the middleman provider of pathology services for abortions performed at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis.

The founder of Defenders of the Unborn, Mary Maschmeier, told pro-lifers at the event: “All we know is that babies are brought here. What do they do to the babies? Where do they go from here?”

As LifeNews previously reported, there is specific concern in Missouri about Planned Parenthood’s business because one of the shocking expose videos mentions St. Louis as a possible location to obtain aborted babies.

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In fact, Missouri lawmakers are concerned that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted babies and covering up what happens to their bodies. State law requires clinics to file pathology reports with the health department; however, Pathology Services Inc. failed to deliver those reports when they were asked to produce them.

The operations director for Pathology Service Inc. said fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood is a small part of the company’s business. She explained, “We take tissue from any surgical procedure and look at it to make sure there are no abnormalities. I know people feel strongly about this, and we treat it like anything else — with the utmost care and respect.”

She added that they’ve received special requests from patients asking for their child’s remains after an abortion or miscarriage. However, state law does not give instructions on whether a woman can obtain her child’s remains after an abortion. Pro-life lobbyist, Deacon Sam Lee, said, “There is nothing in the law that compels (Planned Parenthood) to accommodate a request from an induced abortion.”

In August, a manager with the Department of Health and Senior Services said Planned Parenthood of St. Louis was not sending pathology reports to the state department as required by law. Now the Pathology Services’ operations director says that was a simple miscommunication between Planned Parenthood, the lab and the state.

Thankfully, Missouri lawmakers are not satisfied with that response. Sen. Bob Onder, (R-Lake Saint Louis) said, “For the department to be able to say the kind of activity described in the videos (isn’t) going on, the department needs to look with some degree of care at pathology reports.”

Additionally, Missouri Health Department Director Gail Vasterling said she’s not convinced department officials are even looking at the pathology reports and she does not know what the lab does with the tissue after examination.

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