Woman Who Runs Group for Future Abortion Doctors Discusses Joy of Parenting

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 11, 2015   |   1:07PM   |   Washington, DC

In June, the Director of Membership Engagement and Vice Chair of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC), Katie Grosh, (pictured on far left) attended a pro-abortion rally in Philadelphia. At the time of the event, she was 38-weeks pregnant and argues that her decision to keep her baby only confirmed her pro-abortion beliefs. In fact, after birthing her baby, in a recent post for NARAL she shared about the joys of parenting.

Grosh said, “The really amazing thing is how great it is to parent in a pro-choice office.  My co-workers at MSFC hold and love the baby, help me problem-solve parenting troubles, and keep me sane by making a place for me to participate in the important work of the pro-choice movement while I do the important work of parenting.”

She added, “My co-workers and I have a daily reminder (in the form of my baby) of how joyful and how difficult parenting can be– we want families of all kinds to be able to decide for themselves when parenting will bring them more joy than difficulty.”

As LifeNews previously reported, earlier this year, the President of NARAL Pro-Choice America Ilyse Hogue announced that she was pregnant with twins after struggling with infertility. At the time of her pregnancy, her organization was leading a campaign to defeat a 20-week abortion ban, which would protect babies from painful dismemberment abortions. Shockingly, Hogue said she realizes how ironic it is that she’s at the forefront of a pro-abortion campaign while 38-weeks pregnant.


The Huffington Post said the following about Hogue’s pregnancy: “Ilyse Hogue understands the perceived irony in her present circumstances. She is 36 weeks pregnant. With twins. And she has the swollen ankles and sleepless nights to prove it. She is also president of NARAL, the nation’s largest abortion rights advocacy group. “It’s been really interesting,” she says of the reaction to her pregnancy. “I find it so humorous when the other side gets sort of knocked back on their heels when they see me.”

Later Hogue admitted that she was nervous about telling other people about her pregnancy. She said, “I admit, I had trepidation about telling people. Is it going to change the way they look at me? Are they going to treat me differently?”

It is a tragedy that Hogue and Grosh can’t see that their children deserved protection before they were born. Unfortunately, a few of NARAL’s and MSFC’s main objectives is to stop pro-life legislation from becoming law and rally support for abortion rights. However, most Americans do hold their extreme position when it comes to late abortion; in fact, the liberal Huffington Post reports that found that 70% of Americans support late-term abortion bans.