Child Protective Services Forcing Raped 10-Year-Old Girl to Have an Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 10, 2015   |   1:13PM   |   Wynne, AR

Officials with Child Protective Services in Wynne, Arkansas are reportedly attempting to force a 10-year-old girl victimized by rape to have an abortion.

Juda Myers of Choice for Life, a pro-life group dedicated to supporting mothers who are raped by reject abortion and decide to keep their baby, informed of the situation. Myers indicates CPS officials are slated to take the 10-year-old girl to an abortion clinic on Friday to abort her baby.

“On August 29, 2015 20-year-old Justin Smith was arrested and charged with three counts of rape and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor. His “alleged” victim is a 10-year-old. I use the term “alleged” because he is “innocent until proven guilty by trial.” But sadly an innocent baby in the womb of a 10-year-old will not be given the same privilege as a sexual predator,” Myers explains. “He will continue to live but the baby is sentenced to death without a trial, without a word spoken, without any dignity.”

“Child Protection Services is Child Destruction Services,” Myers complained.

“Smith was living with his girlfriend at the time he impregnated the 10-year-old. The mother of the 10-year-old says she knew nothing of what was happening until she took her daughter to the doctor and discovered she was pregnant,” Myers explained.

Myers indicated she called officials with CPS in Arkansas and offered to help the family and the young girl as her organization has done in other cases of young girls who become pregnant after sexual assault. She offered to connect CPS with another girl in another state who her organization had helped. As she told LifeNews:

I offered to connect the two girls so that the Arkansas girl would know she isn’t alone and there are many people willing to help her through this. But what I received was what sounded like a recording “I’m not able to tell you if I’m working with _____(the girl’s name)because of confidentiality.” To which I replied, “Yes ma’am I understand that and you do not have to tell me because I already know. All I want to do is offer help to the girl and connect her with another 11-year-old who can help her. We have many others who have been through this. We offer emotional support as well as financial support.”


Ms. Walker repeated her statement word for word to which I kindly repeated myself also. This continued for four times until the CPS worker said, “Ok give me your information.” She was cold and demonstrated no intentions of delivering the information to the girl.

Myers says the young girl’s mother is “clearly against abortion with seven children and currently 7 months pregnant.”

“Her daughter is being pushed along in what seems to be a systematic agenda to eliminate the rape conceived push another black mother to kill her baby,” Myers said. “In the first hours of our conversation, the mother of the 10-year-old said she didn’t want her daughter to have an abortion.”

Myers said the young girl is being pressured by CPS officials to think an abortion is in her best interest.

“The daughter hasn’t been given any choice to talk to someone who was in exactly the same position… pregnant after rape. What would most 10-year-olds do scared and taken from their family? The 10-year-old is with strangers telling her their desires for her to abort,” Myers said. “They tell her that DNA could be taken to prosecute the rapist. And who wouldn’t want the rapist punished? But what the little girl doesn’t know is that she doesn’t have to kill her baby to get DNA.”

Myers says the girl’s mother is too scared to fight CPS and has reluctantly agreed to the abortion.

“She was pressured to sign the abortion papers for her daughter. The mother says she fears never getting her 7 children back if she didn’t sign the papers,” she said.

Myers is flying to Arkansas to meet today with the girl’s mother and hopefully with the girl herself in an attempt to provide her tangible help and support.