Pregnant Mom’s Car Crashed and Rolled Six Times, Amazingly She and Her Baby are Fine

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 4, 2015   |   12:31PM   |   London, England

In England, a woman and her unborn baby survived a car crash that caused their car to roll six-times. 25-year-old Janine McCarthy says she was driving near Exter, Devon when her tires gave out and sent her car spinning into a central reservation. The Daily Mail reports that the car flipped several times, rolled down a hill and crashed into some barriers.

However, McCarthy escaped the crash with only minor injuries and was able to walk after the accident. Initially, she thought she and her unborn baby were going to die.

She explained, “I remember the back of my wheels skidding so I applied the brake gently, and as I did this, the car skiddejaninemccarthy2d right around. As that happened, I could see oncoming traffic so in a panic I broke hard, and it caused the vehicle to tip and start to roll and smash into the metal fencing.”

She added, “I originally thought I had rolled six times down the hill, but it’s much worse as witnesses and police have told me I smashed into the barriers, flew to the opposite barriers, and then rolled down into the middle bit of a field. I remember my arms being crossed in front of my face with a gap in between to see where I was going and holding my body tight. The air bag went off and nearly knocked me out. I felt dizzy and remember thinking “this is it, I’m going to die. Oh my God, this is how I die”, and I said out loud ‘please God, please God no, please.’”

McCarthy and her baby are very fortunate because sometimes car accidents end in major injury or death. As LifeNews previously reported, a heavily pregnant woman in England named Sophie Williams was on the way home with her fiancé, Ben Morgan, when strong winds caused an oncoming car to hit them. Unfortunately, Sophie was not wearing a seatbelt and had her feet up on the dashboard because she was trying to find a comfortable sitting position.

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The coroner for South Wales, Wendy James, explained that if Sophie would have been wearing a seatbelt she could have survived. She said, “Sophie was not wearing her seatbelt at the time. Had she been sat in the normal position it is entirely possible any injuries she had sustained may not have been fatal.” To make matters worse, Sophie’s airbag didn’t deploy potentially because her feet were on the dashboard.

Prior to Sophie’s death, she was already the mother of one daughter, Mia, and had named her unborn daughter Kayleigh. Immediately after the accident, surgeons tried to save Kayleigh by performing an emergency caesarean but were unsuccessful. Fiancé Ben and the other driver involved in the crash survived with minor injuries.