Teen Discovers She Was Almost Aborted: “My Mom Felt Me Scream So She Made Them Stop”

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Sep 2, 2015   |   6:28PM   |   Washington, DC

A high school girl known as Sara Jones* was born prematurely, weighing just four pounds, two ounces after her mother attempted to abort her. However, Jones did not know this about her birth until she found her mother’s old journal, which said she left the abortion facility after feeling her daughter scream while they were trying to perform the procedure.

Jones’ mother was a drug addict and four months pregnant at the time of the abortion attempt but believed it was her only choice because her father didn’t want their baby. Jones shared more about the information she found in her mother’s journal with Live Action News. She said, “She went into the clinic and sat down. They tried to do the saline one but nothing happened to me. My mom wrote that she felt me scream so she made them stop.”

Now Jones does have some health problems because of the saline abortion attempt, including hearing difficulties and asthma. Currently, she lives with her aunt and attends a Christian high school. She also said she’s forgiven her birth mother for trying to abort her and they still have a close relationship. Jones explained, “Initially, I was furious, but I realized that I was here and there’s not much more I could do about it.”

She told Live Action that she wants women considering abortion to give their child a chance even if he or she comes into the world at an inconvenient time or under bad circumstances. As LifeNews previously reported, there are countless abortion survivors alive today that do not know their story or found out they were abortion survivors later in life. For example, nearly forty-years ago Melissa Ohden survived a saline infusion abortion.


During a saline infusion abortion, the abortionist inserts a needle through the mother’s abdomen and withdraws amniotic fluid. Then the fluid is replaced with a salt solution, which typically causes the unborn child to die within three days. Ohden said that children who die from saline abortions are sometimes referred to as “red-skins” or “candy apple babies” because the salt solution turns their skin bright red and peels it away as it moves into the internal organs.

For some unknown reason, Ohden soaked in the poisonous solution two days longer than usual, but was born alive on the fifth day. She weighed almost three pounds. Like many others, a family member coerced her biological mother into having the abortion. While intense pressure to abort often comes from husbands and partners, Ohden’s maternal grandmother was the family member demanding the abortion.

Since her grandmother was a prominent nurse and knew a local abortionist, she was able to bypass hospital procedures to facilitate a “secret abortion”. Ohden said, “My mother wasn’t just coerced, she was forced to have an abortion that was meant to end my life and changed her forever.” While the pro-abortion movement always talks about abortion as a “choice” and as a “right”, many don’t realize that 64% of women are victims of coerced abortion.

When Ohden was born alive, someone at the hospital insisted that she should be left to die. Originally, she thought the abortionist was the one who gave the order. However, this past year Ohden learned that it was actually her grandmother who demanded her death. Thankfully, despite her grandmother’s persistence, two nurses provided medical care that ultimately saved her life.

LifeNews Note: Sara’s real name was changed to protect her identity. File photo.