New Report Reveals Sex-Selection Abortions Happening in Australia

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 27, 2015   |   6:13PM   |   Sydney, Australia

China is not the only country discriminating again females by performing sex-selection abortions. The Daily Mail reports that in Australia over 1,000 female fetuses have been registered as “missing,” with data suggesting that these babies have been aborted. In fact, experts who have reviewed information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) believe sex-selection abortions have upset the natural sex ration in the country.

Unfortunately, Australian Chinese and Indian women are aborting female babies because of pressure from family and culture to deliver boys. The boy girl ratio for Indian-born parents in Australia is 108.2 boys born for every 100 girls; and the median is 109.5 boys born for every 100 girls for Chinese-born parents.

Macquarie University Demographer, Dr. Nick Parr, explained that he believes these statistics prove gender-selection abortions are happening in Australia. He said, ‘There has to be some form of pre-natal sex selection taking place. In my opinion the most plausible explanation is that there is sex-selective abortion occurring.”

Additionally, in the 2012 United Nations Population Fund report on sex selection, demographer Dr. Christophe Guilmotowho said the only explanation for the disproportionate amount of boys being born is sex-selection abortions. He elaborated, “I think there is no other explanation. Once we have run statistical test on this data and they show that the gap between the sex ratio at birth among these two communities and the rest of the population is not random, then we know there is something. There are very few ways to influence the sex of your child so the most common is to resort to sex selective abortion.”

As LifeNews previously reported, sex-selection abortions are commonplace in nations like China and India, where women are often forced to abort female unborn babies. However, this new report shows there is a significant amount of baby girls missing in Australia as well.

A doctor who wants to remain anonymous said he believes Australians are getting around the sex-selection abortion ban in the country because of “system loopholes.” The general practitioner also mentioned that there are probably significantly more abortions taking place in the country than the ones reported.

Here’s more:

The GP told SBS that most doctors do not continue the obstetric part of pregnancy- unless they are registered for ‘shared-care’ – where they work with an obstetrician or hospital as part of a woman’s antenatal care program. This means many pregnancies are not registered and it is suspected that as a result many babies that are ‘missing’ are actually aborted for being female.


Just last year, an Australian woman of Indian descent was kicked out of her home after she refused to give into pressure of finding out her baby’s gender during early gestation ultrasounds. ‘They kept forcing me so bad. “Find out the sex, find out the sex!” If it didn’t matter to them they wouldn’t have forced me that much,’ the woman who did not want to be identified she told SBS radio. When the woman, who resides in Sydney’s west, gave birth to a girl she was abused before being kicked out of the family home

‘I was feeding, my mother in law came in and started shouting at me and my husband slapped me so hard, the baby fell on the floor. I definitely think if it was a son…they wouldn’t have been so hard with my daughter that they kicked a two month old baby on the streets at night,’ she told SBS radio.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, between 2003 and 2013 the national standard of births was 105.7 boys born for every 100 girls.