Former Scientology Member Says She Was Forced to Have an Abortion

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 25, 2015   |   2:36PM   |   Washington, DC

In a new documentary called, “Inside Scientology and Escaping the Witness,” former member of the Church of Scientology, Samantha Domingo, claims leadership forced her to have an abortion when she became pregnant. She explained, “It felt like I’d committed the ultimate sin. The next thing that came was ‘what is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics?’ That was the right thing to do have an abortion, that was made absolutely clear to me.”

The Mirror Online reports that Domingo was a member of the “church” for 20-years and was even involved in the Sea Organization, which is a religious order within Scientology for the most devoted members. Apparently, members of Sea Org are prohibited from having children and considered a “criminal” if they do.

On their website, the order describes their role in Scientology like this: “As volunteers and members of a religious order, Sea Organization members work long hours and live communally with housing, meals, uniforms, medical and dental care, transport and all expenses associated with their duties provided by the Church.”

Domingo claims she had the abortion to show other members she wasn’t a criminal and was devoted to her religion. She said, “I bought into it. I had an abortion to prove I wasn’t this evil person, this Satan that everybody was saying I was.” Now Domingo says she can never forgive herself for killing her baby. “I murdered a child, that’s the way I look at it, and it will forever live with me that I murdered a child. I will never forgive myself for that, I will never be able to rewrite it,” she said.

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Unfortunately, Domingo stayed with the order for fifteen-years after her abortion. The television station that aired the documentary reached out to the Church of Scientology for comment on Domingo’s remarks; however they said “her complaints bear no relation to the Church today.” They also criticized the documentary for calling their religion a “cult.”

In 2012, LifeNews reported that the Church of Scientology faced criticism after multiple women came forward claiming they were forced by leadership to have abortions. One of the women in the group, Laura DeCrescenzo, sued the church and said she was forced to have an abortion when she was 17 so she could keep working long hours without interruption. Additionally, DeCrescenzo said they brainwashed her into thinking she made the decision to kill her unborn baby on her own.

Watch a preview of the documentary in the video below.