Thousands of Pro-Life People Protest at Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics in Over 350 Cities

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 22, 2015   |   4:57PM   |   Washington, DC

Tens of thousands of pro-life advocates across the country — perhaps as many as 50-75,000 people in all — protested at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics across the country today. They protested to raise national attention to the massive scandal at Planned Parenthood, where its staff and officials have been caught selling aborted babies and their body parts.

After eight shocking videos that have caught top Planned Parenthood abortion practitioners arranging to sell aborted babiesand even dissecting one live baby — millions of pro-life people are up in arms.

The protests took place in over 350 cities in 47 states and 5 countries — with hundreds of people in many cities and over 6,000 in the Twin Cities in Minnesota alone.

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

Organizers of the protests say they are the outgrowth of recently released Planned Parenthood expose videos showing the abortion company trafficking in aborted baby body parts and showing a complete disregard for women and unborn children.

Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League told LifeNews: “These videos are exposing the American people to the truth about Planned Parenthood and the truth about abortion. How can you deny the humanity of a tiny person whose body parts are being harvested for medical use? Worse yet, how can you make jokes about it, like the Planned Parenthood doctors do in these videos? It’s time to cease all taxpayer funding of this corrupt organization.”

Below are some of the pictures of pro-life people in cities across the United States:

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

In Washington


Protesting in Falls Church, Virginia


In Washington, D.C.


In Manhattan


In Columbus, Ohio


In Lansing, Michigan


In Central Oklahoma