Los Angeles City Council Passes Resolution Honoring Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Babies

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 21, 2015   |   3:34PM   |   Los Angeles, CA

This is probably not the best time for the Los Angeles City Council to pass a resolution honoring Planned Parenthood. In fact, this is probably the absolute worst time to do such a thing considering the recent revelations about the abortion company’s scandalous organ harvesting business.

As LifeNews previously reported, in July, The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released multiple videos showing Planned Parenthood’s top executives negotiating the sale of aborted babies, admitting to using altered abortion procedures to obtain salable body parts for harvesting and casually discussing “less crunchy” methods for procuring fetal “tissue.” Then, unbelievably, the seventh video catches Planned Parenthood harvesting the brain of an aborted baby whose heart was still beating after an abortion.

The California Catholic Daily reports that on August 18th, the Los Angeles City Council opposed efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and approved a resolution honoring them as a “provider of reproductive services.” Councilman Mike Bonin, who co-authored the resolution, said, “As national political candidates shamelessly threaten important health care services for families, we thought it was important to show a strong message of support for Planned Parenthood here in Los Angeles.”

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Bonin added that the resolution officially states their city’s support for Planned Parenthood’s “safe and affordable health care services” and “life-saving and cutting-edge research,” referring to their fetal tissue research. Of course, the Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, Celinda Vazquez, thanked the Council “for standing with Planned Parenthood and the 150,000 patients we serve in L.A. County every year.”

The other council member who co-authored the resolution, Nury Martinez, said defunding Planned Parenthood would cut off funding for preventative care services. She explained, “I stand with Planned Parenthood because for many people, including many of my constituents, Planned Parenthood is the primary healthcare provider in their lives. When Congress talks about the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood, they are talking about removing services for both men and women, young and old, not only for family planning but also for preventative care services such as cancer screenings and breast exams.”

There are a few facts that Bonin, Martinez and the other city council members in Los Angeles over look about Planned Parenthood. First and foremost, they are the nation’s largest abortion business, performing one-third of all U.S. abortions. Their “other services” like cancer-screenings, contraception and STD testing, are provided at countless other legitimate health care centers in the country; and their annual report shows that some of those services have dropped significantly in the last few years.

For example, in 2013, Planned Parenthood’s cancer prevention services dropped 17% over one year, and contraceptive services dropped by 4%. Additionally, it is important to mention that the breast exams the abortion giant brags about are actually simple breast screenings, NOT mammograms, breast biopsies or ultrasounds. They don’t help women catch cancer; instead they refer women to legitimate health centers that offer those services.

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Click here to contact Mike Bonin and here to contact Nury Martinez, the council members who co-authored the resolution and tell them you do not support Planned Parenthood’s abortion and organ harvesting business!

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