Boyfriend Forces Mom to Abort Their Twin Babies or He’d Kill Himself, Hours Later He Dumps Her

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 21, 2015   |   1:35PM   |   London, England

In England, 31-year-old Helen Dunn says her ex-boyfriend manipulated her into aborting their twins. The father, Darren Heath, was a police officer for the Gloucestershire Constabulary and told his former girlfriend that if she didn’t abort their babies he would kill himself. Dunn shared with the Daily Mail more about her relationship with Heath.

She said, “Being a police officer meant I dropped my guard quicker than I usually would have done as I thought I could trust him – I couldn’t have been more wrong. When he told me to terminate the pregnancy, I was heartbroken it was an option I would’ve never considered. He threatened to kill himself if I didn’t go through with the abortion, I was distraught. When I went to the clinic I was so scared and alone after he kept failing to turn up to appointments. The doctor told me I was having twins and I told Darren there was no way I could go through with an abortion.”

However, Heath continued pressuring her into having the abortion and told her

his life would not be worth living if she had the twins. He drove her to the abortion facility during one of his shifts, watched as she took the abortion pills and then dumped her. Dunn explained, “We were using contraception so the pregnancy wasn’t planned but as soon as I told him. He made me feel like I was worthless and just went on and on about how he wouldn’t support us and that it was the wrong time for us. It was the biggest mistake of my life but he wouldn’t drop it until eventually I was weak enough and gave in.”

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Thankfully, now Heath is in jail after admitting to five counts of misconduct in public office. Apparently Heath engaged in sex while on duty, was accused of raping two women and stalked the home of a woman who was having problems with her ex-boyfriend. He was officially found guilty on five charges against separate women at the Bristol Crown Court and one of those women was Dunn.

Heath faces three years and nine months in prison. Sentencing judge, Bristol Neil Ford QC, said the police officer devastated the women he interacted with and betrayed the force he worked for. He said, “It was corrosive of the reputation of the police service generally and corrosive of the trust people put in the police officers. I feel you have betrayed your position of trust. On many occasions of a protracted period, you deliberately flouted the principles and ethics of policing. Your actions have damaged the women you had or attempted to have sexual relationships with and the have damaged the reputation of Gloucestershire Constabulary.”

Dunn concluded by saying she is glad Heath is in jail where he can’t hurt other women. She said, “I still think about the twins every day and wish the circumstances had been different – no amount of time can ever bring them back. I’m glad after all this time I finally have some justice. Darren is now finally behind bars for what he did to me, it was wicked and cruel – now I can finally move on with my life.”

Although abortion proponents argue that abortion liberates women by giving them control over their bodies, many women “choose” abortion because they feel they have no other choice. As LifeNews previously reported, 65% of all abortions involve some type of coercion, which is why it is critical that we remind women that there are other options, and they may live in a place where there are laws against forced or coerced abortion. For example, in the United States, at least 15 states have some form of coercive abuse prevention laws.