Glenn Beck Calls This the Most Powerful Pro-Life Video He’s Ever Seen

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 17, 2015   |   9:39AM   |   Washington, DC

Last week, Glenn Beck aired a pro-life video on his television show that he called the “most powerful anti-abortion piece, or pro-life piece, [he has] ever seen.” He said to his viewers, “I want to ask you if you will take this and tweet it, Facebook it. We have to wake our friends and neighbors up. We have to.”

Beck is a nationally recognized radio personality, founder of The Blaze Network and seven-time New York Times bestselling author.

The Blaze reports that the video was created by Glenn Beck’s head writer, Dan Andros, in response to the Planned Parenthood videos showing their top executives haggling over the price of babies killed in abortions. Andros said he made the short video as a “call to reason.” He said, “Obviously I’m outraged by these [undercover] videos like everybody else. But I know a lot of people are just tuning out like, ‘Oh I don’t want to look at the parts.’”

On Glenn Becks website, he said the following about the Planned Parenthood scandal: “After a series of devastating Planned Parenthood videos, the abortion provider is doubling down and rallying support. Their strategy? Change the conversation to things like “women’s rights” and “selectively edited” videos to distract people away from the truth.” Beck also said it is time pro-lifers “fight this evil– remind everyone just what is at stake: #Life.”


As LifeNews previously reported, in five undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood executives admit to altering abortion procedures to procure salable organs for harvesting and casually discuss ways their doctors can “crush” unborn babies to obtain fully intact parts.

Then, in a sixth video, former phlebotomist Holly O’Donnell explains how Planned Parenthood worked with Stem Express, the organ harvesting company that bought the fetal “tissue” from the abortion company, to procure body parts and pressured patients into “donating” their aborted babies to research. However, she also said that sometimes Planned Parenthood employee’s harvested aborted babies’ organs without their patients consent.

Watch Andros’ powerful pro-life video below!