Mom Saves Letter With a Shocking Secret for 20 Years to Give to Daughter on Her Wedding Day

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 12, 2015   |   7:01PM   |   Washington, DC

In March, Brooke Blackledge married Tyler Zugg is Natchez, Mississippi. At the wedding ceremony, attendees watched with joy as Brooke and Tyler made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. However, there was one special part of Brooke’s wedding day that is not in most. Brooke’s adoptive mother, Sherry, shared a letter with her daughter that she wrote about her when she was only 18-months old.

The newlywed told the Huffington Post, “My mom had never mentioned the letter at all until the moment she gave it to me! Talk about being surprised!”

Sherry explained that she saved the letter for her daughter’s wedding day because she wanted her to know how much she was cherished. Sherry said, “Being adopted, I wanted her to know how much I loved her. And I thought it would be extremely precious when she opened it up and read it on her wedding day.”

Here’s the letter:


The letter was printed on a piece of Sherry’s own wedding dress and videographers captured the special moment between her and Brooke. The bride said the following about how she felt when she read the letter: “I lost it and began sobbing at this point, especially when I saw my daddy crying. There isn’t a word for the emotion I was feeling at this point. If someone could come up with a word that encompassed excited, humbled, speechless, joyful, shocked and genuinely loved, then that would be the word to use.”

Now the couple is expecting their first baby in January 2016 and thinking of writing their own child a letter for his or her wedding way. Brooke said, “My mom’s letter has sparked the idea to go ahead and begin writing our baby letters to give him or her on their wedding day.”

As LifeNews previously reported, everyday adoption saves children from abortion, abuse and lives of suffering. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Services reports that adopted children live happy and health lives. In fact, 85% of children who are adopted are in excellent or very good health, the same as the general population; and 81% of adoptive parents described their relationships with their children as very warm and close.

Watch Brooke read the letter in the video below.