Why I Will Never Drink Another Starbucks Coffee Again: It Funds Planned Parenthood

Opinion   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 7, 2015   |   6:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Some of America’s top corporations have announced publicly that they do not support Planned Parenthood in light of revelations about their organ harvesting business. In July, Coca Cola, Ford Motor Company, the American Cancer Society, American Express and Xerox assured customers that even though they were listed as partners on Planned Parenthood’s website, they do not support them through donations.

Unfortunately, not all companies have followed suit. For example, pro-life customer Megan Fox wrote Starbucks a letter entitled, “Dear Starbucks, You Lost Me At Planned Parenthood”, after finding out they support the abortion company. She began her letter by explaining that she (like many Americans) loves their coffee and has been enjoying their products for years.

She wrote, “I am a Gold Card member of Starbucks. I love your products and have for many years, specifically the grande mocha with coconut milk, no whip, extra hot. That’s my drink. I am two stars away from receiving a free drink on my Gold Card. I worked hard for that. It’s not easy to earn your rewards and your coffee ain’t cheap. But I almost have a free mocha out of it and I was looking forward to it.”

However, Fox went on to say that from now on she will be taking her business to Dunkin Donuts since Starbucks matches their employees’ donations to Planned Parenthood. Additionally, she highlighted the coffee company’s hypocrisy in working to end racial discrimination while simultaneously giving donations to an organization that targets minorities.

As LifeNews previously reported, 79% of all Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located near minority neighborhood. In fact, since 1973, approximately 13 million black babies have been lost because of abortion, and out of the approximately 4000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1452 of them are performed on African American women and their unborn children.

How does Starbucks fund Planned Parenthood? The answer appears to be through matching grants for donations employees make to the abortion business.

PG media shared Starbucks’ response to Fox. The company wrote, “I am sorry to hear how disappointed you were when you heard that Starbucks may have been associated with Planned Parenthood and want to assure you I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate departments. Starbucks may be listed as a donor of an organization the company does not directly sponsor. This is because the Starbucks Foundation “Partner Match” program provides matched cash awards for contributions made by Starbucks partners (employees).”



Here is a portion of Fox’s letter:

I don’t usually support advertising boycotts because it hurts businesses that are just trying to market a product, but this time I can’t wrap my head around why on earth Starbucks is giving money to Planned Parenthood. Don’t you want more customers? Do you realize Planned Parenthood is killing off millions of potential Starbucks customers and selling them off for spare parts?

With all the sanctimonious garbage on your website and in your stores about “ethical growing” and “ethical harvesting” I would think you’d care about the completely UNETHICAL and hideous practice of harvesting human organs in the name of medical research. These babies are so big their sex can be determined! (“It’s another boy!” says the abortion doctor as she chuckles while ripping his legs off.) These are no clumps of tissue, but babies with lungs and livers and hearts they’re haggling over. I will no longer be supporting Starbucks (and that pains me because I was truly addicted) until you stop funding this monstrous organization with my money.

It makes me sick that I have given to this organization through you. What right do you have to give my money to child killers? No more. You won’t see another dime. Dunkin’ Donuts is good enough for me and they aren’t actively supporting crazed political organizations bent on exterminating human lives.