Planned Parenthood on GOP Debate: “Shocking and Disgusting” That They Want to De-Fund Us

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 7, 2015   |   12:03PM   |   Washington, DC

A Planned Parenthood abortion business vice-president is not happy with the pro-life Republicans at last night’s GOP debates who said they would de-fund and investigate Planned Parenthood after it was repeatedly caught selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Most of the Republican candidates took strongly pro-life positions on abortion, including Scott Walker, Mario Rubio and Bobby Jindal. That didn’t it well with Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood.

“It was the most shocking moment of last night’s debate: Senator Marco Rubio proudly coming clean and supporting a complete ban on abortion,” she said.

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Laguens used the same war on women mantra Planned Parenthood has used for years, equating protecting unborn boys and girls from abortion and supporting pregnant women with real help with opposing legitimate women’s health care.

“That is a truly dangerous, extreme agenda for any presidential candidate to support. And the worst part is this: not a single candidate on that stage dared to disagree. Instead, they all embraced the same anti-women’s health agenda: defund Planned Parenthood, cut patients off from access to care, and trample every woman’s right to make her own medical decisions,” she said.

In her fnudraising email, she continued: “Last night’s debate made it crystal clear: Planned Parenthood will be on the ballot next year. Health care for millions of Americans will be on the ballot. Women’s most fundamental rights will be on the ballot. We can’t afford to lose, and we can’t afford to hold anything back in the 2016 election.”

What we saw on that debate stage was truly disturbing. This isn’t just one or two out-of-touch politicians pushing an extreme agenda. Every single presidential candidate on stage has joined the all-out assault on women’s health and rights. Dismantling women’s access to care is at the core of their platform — and they aren’t alone.

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Anti-women’s health politicians in Congress have seized on deceptive, dishonest videos to push their dangerous agenda. They already forced a vote in the Senate to strip all federal funding for Planned Parenthood health centers. When we stopped them, some started demanding a government shutdown unless they get their way.

No Dawn. Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies is what is disturbingand even pro-abortion activist Hillary Clinton agrees.