Marco Rubio: “Future Generations Will Look Back On Us as Barbarians” For Legalizing Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 7, 2015   |   11:18AM   |   Washington, DC

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was one of the pro-life candidates at last night’s Republican debate to hit a home run on pro-life issues with his eloquent defense of life. He said future generations of Americans will look back on the United States and regard us someday as barbarians for having legalized abortion.

“I believe that every single human being is entitled to the protection of our laws, whether they can vote or not. Whether they can speak or not. Whether they can hire a lawyer or not. Whether they have a birth certificate or not. And I think future generations will look back at this history of our country and call us barbarians for murdering millions of babies who we never gave them a chance to live,” Rubio said during the debate.

“What I have advocated is that we pass law in this country that says all human life at every stage of its development is worthy of protection,” the GOP presidential candidate continued. “In fact, I think that law already exists. It is called the Constitution of the United States.”

Rubio also took exception with a characterization of his pro-life position, with a Fox News host claiming he supported abortions in cases of rape or incest. Rubio said that’s not accurate.

“I’m not sure that’s a correct assessment of my record. I have never advocated that,” he said.

Rubio followed up on that point in a morning interview with CNN, where he said he has supported some imperfect pro-life bills because they still save unborn children from abortion and we must save as many babies from abortions as possible.

“I’ve never said that I will only support a bill that has an exception in it, but I will support bills that have exceptions in it because they prevent abortions,” Rubio said during an interview with CNN’s New Day. “I’m here to save as many of those unborn children’s lives as possible.”


“Everybody supported that bill. Every single pro-life senator, every single pro-life group…supported that bill you’re just talking about because it prevents abortions,” he said.

Rubio added that he does not specifically support rape or incest exceptions, saying that “[while] I think both of those instances are horrifying…I personally believe you do not correct one tragedy with a second tragedy.”

“The value of life is timeless,” he responded. “Science has decided that it’s human life. ….Abolustely it has? What else can it be? It can’t turn into an animal. It can’t turn into a donkey.”