Planned Parenthood Caught Illegally Doing 2nd-Trimester Abortions: We’re Not Breaking the Law

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 6, 2015   |   1:37PM   |   Washington, DC

As reported yesterday, three Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Florida were caught illegally killing babies in second-trimester abortions. Now, the abortion business claims it’s doing nothing illegal and it kicked a local television news crew out of its office.

The state of Florida launched an investigation into the Planned Parenthood abortion business after multiple expose’ videos have caught the abortion business selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Now, state health department inspectors are reporting their results and they found Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are illegally doing 2nd-trimester abortions. Those are the kinds of abortions that allow Planned Parenthood to gather the body parts of aborted babies for sale.

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WINK News in Naples Florida sent reporters to the Planned Parenthood abortion business there. They were promptly kicked of the property.

When a state investigation released Wednesday revealed Planned Parenthood clinics in Fort Myers and Naples were performing illegal second trimester abortions, WINK News went to the Naples office for a response.

One staff member acknowledged the investigation, but would not say anything specific about the findings. Another staff member escorted our crew away from the building, refusing to answer questions.

Meanwhile, WINK reports that the Florida Planned Parenthood affiliate of the abortion business claims it’s done nothing wrong:

Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates Executive Director Laura Goodhue issued a statement late Wednesday night saying in part, “I can state unequivocally that all of our health centers are operating in full compliance with florida law as well as best practices in reproductive health care.”

Goodhue also says, “the claim that any of our health centers are performing procedures we are not licensed to perform is false.”

Planned Parenthood claims the investigation did not measure trimesters correctly.

Governor Scott has warned “if a Planned Parenthood office is not following the law, we will move quickly to take legal and regulatory action against them.”

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Here is what state investigators found:

After inspecting all 16 Planned Parenthood clinics in Florida, the state Agency for Health Care Administration announced Wednesday that three have performed procedures outside the scope of their licenses and one has not kept proper records on disposing fetal remains.

“We will take immediate actions against these three facilities for performing second trimester abortions without a proper license,” AHCA spokesperson Shelisha Coleman said in a written statement Wednesday. “These facilities have been notified to immediately cease performing second trimester abortions.”

Clinics in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Naples were cited for performing abortions in the second trimester that they are not licensed to do.

A Pembroke Pines clinic was cited for improper record-keeping.