Pro-Life Democrat Says: “Even the Abortionist Can See It’s a Baby, Why Can’t the Democratic Party?”

Opinion   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 5, 2015   |   7:10PM   |   Washington, DC

In an article in USA Today, pro-life Democrat Kirsten Powers criticizes her party for standing by Planned Parenthood in the wake of horrifying revelations about their negotiations with organ harvesting companies. In five videos (yes FIVE), Planned Parenthood’s top executives are shown haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts, admitting to altering abortion procedures to procure salable organs and casually discussing ways their doctors can “crush” unborn babies to obtain fully intact parts.

However, the majority of politicians in the Democratic Party are chalking the videos up to “deceptive editing” and a “smear” campaign by “extremists” even though the full, unedited versions are available online. Thankfully, Powers has a completely different view and believes her party will pay a heavy price for abandoning moral rightness.

First, Powers points out that the Democratic Party is doing far more than simply supporting Planned Parenthood; they are attacking anyone who utters a negative word about them, tries to expose them or suggest that they should be defunded. She writes, ”The Democratic Party shilling for barbarism — whether by politicians, liberal media outlets, union officials or unrestricted abortion advocates — is not likely to be viewed favorably by future generations. These Democrats will be remembered for demonizing the activists who lifted the veil on a previously sanitized process and for seeking restraining orders to silence truth tellers.”

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Then, Powers explains that it is outrageous that Planned Parenthood and all their friends are pretending that children killed in late abortions are not actually babies. Instead, they refer to them as “medical matter” or a “product of conception.” Powers argues that most people, including the abortionist in the latest video, can acknowledge that an unborn child is a baby.

As LifeNews previously reported, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Medical Director, Dr. Savita Ginde, admitted that “It’s a baby” while dissecting and pointing to a child’s body parts on a tray. Later her medical assistant joked, “And another boy!”

Finally, Powers highlights the fact that only 27% of Americans support abortion in the second trimester, unless the life of the mother is at risk or the woman is a rape victim. In other words, the Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood are siding with the minority and their views are actually extreme.

Here’s more from Powers:

Guess who supports second trimester abortions, barring extreme extenuating circumstances? Almost nobody.

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When Gallup asked in 2012 whether abortion should be legal in the second trimester, only 27 percent of respondents said yes. This percentage has been nearly unchanged since Gallup began asking this question in 1996. As Slate’s Will Saletan noted in a 2014 piece analyzing abortion polling, “Even the most pro-choice people aren’t sold on abortion rights beyond the first trimester.”

This was the general position even prior to the release of videos demonstrating the harsh reality of such abortions. Following the meeting with Dr. Ginde, the undercover video makers are taken to a Planned Parenthood pathology lab where a medical assistant called “Jess” picks at an aborted fetus. I just want to see another leg, with a foot,” she says. Ginde chimes in: “Here’s the heart.” At one point Dr. Ginde inexplicably murmurs: “It’s a baby.”

Even the abortionist can see it’s a baby. So what’s wrong with the Democratic Party?

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