Media Censorship: 70% Have Heard Almost Nothing About Planned Parenthood Selling Babies

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Aug 5, 2015   |   4:34PM   |   Washington, DC

A new YouGov poll is showing that the media censorship of the multiple videos exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies is having a damning effect. The survey reveals 70 percent of Americans have heard “little or nothing” about the scandal.

From the poll:

As for the video, Planned Parenthood opponents are more likely than Planned Parenthood supporters to say they have seen it.  89% of those with unfavorable opinions of Planned Parenthood have heard at least a little about the video (more than half have heard a lot); 42% have seen it.  Only 61% of those with a favorable view of Planned Parenthood have heard even a little about the video, and only 20% have seen it.

Opinion of the video and whether Planned Parenthood broke the law is closely divided, and basically matches the opinion Americans hold of Planned Parenthood and abortion.  Nearly all (80%) of those who have heard of the controversy and who like Planned Parenthood say it did not break the law; nearly all (85%) of those with unfavorable opinions of the group and knowledge of the video think it did.


The polling data finds men and Republicans are more likely to have heard something about the expose’ videos as compared to women and Democrats and older Americans were more likely to be familiar with the videos.

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The polling also finds the videos have had a small negative effect on the general public opinion about the abortion business.

“The “sting” video that surfaced last month of a Planned Parenthood official discussing the use of aborted fetal organs for medical research seems to have had relatively little impact either on views of abortion or of Planned Parenthood in general, according to a new YouGov Poll.  Half the public retains positive impressions of the organization, though negative views have risen,” the YouGov poll says.


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The polling data makes it clear that more must be done to counteract the censorship of the videos in the mainstream media. It’s clear that, even with a smaller percentage of Americans saying they have seen the videos, Planned Parenthood’s favorability rating is dropping. The more the expose’ videos reach the general public, the more the public will see Planned Parenthood for what it is — an abortion business that kills unborn babies and sells their bodies.