CNN Host Tells Obama Spokesman: You Might Want to Watch Those Planned Parenthood Videos

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Aug 5, 2015   |   1:39PM   |   Washington, DC

Last week, White House press secretary Josh Earnest admitted that he had not watched any of the Planned Parenthood footage showing their top executives haggling over the price of aborted babies’ body parts and discussing ways to alter procedures to obtain salable organs for harvesting.

Instead, Earnest said he relied on news reports from other sources and came to the conclusion that there is “not a lot of evidence” that Planned Parenthood violated any standards or rules. Thankfully, now someone in the mainstream media has told him he should probably watch the videos.

Yesterday, CNN anchor Jack Tapper asked Earnest, “There’s nothing in these tapes that bothers you or anyone in the White House?” Of course, Earnest didn’t answer the question and simply reiterated that the videos were “highly edited” and not credible because the group that published them has an agenda to “distort the position and the policies of Planned Parenthood.” He also said for the second time that he has not actually watched the videos.

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Tapper responded, “The whole video is put up on the website of this anti-abortion group that put them out. You don’t have to watch just the edited version. You can watch the whole version.” To which Earnest replied: “I’m relying on news reports that I’ve seen on people who’ve taken a look at this and raised questions about the videos themselves and there’s no doubt that this is an organization that has targeted Planned Parenthood for some time so they clearly have an ideological ax to grind.”

Then Earnest goes on to say that Planned Parenthood provides regular health care for millions of Americans and does not use federal funds to perform abortions. However, Tapper didn’t buy his response and gave Earnest a great suggestion. He said, “Well, somebody at the White House should maybe watch the videos in full.”


Watch the interview with Earnest in the video below.