Baby Trevor Was So Small a Wedding Ring Fit Around His Foot, a Year Later He’s Heading Home

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 29, 2015   |   12:31PM   |   Fargo, ND

In North Dakota, Trevor Frolek is going home after spending 345 days in the hospital. Fox News reports that Trevor was born at 23-weeks and weighed only one pound six ounces. In fact, he was so tiny that his father, Bo Frolek, could fit his wedding ring around his leg. Initially, Trevor’s parents didn’t know if he was going to survive. Bo explained, “The doctor told us it was going to be a rollercoaster ride. We were going to have our good days and we’re going to have our bad days.”

After his arrival, Trevor was immediately put on life-support and went on to have surgeries on his heart and eyes. His mother, Becky, said, “It was hour by hour, minute by minute, hour by hour. It was scary but he was more human-like than I expected. All his fingers, all his toes, everything was there just so tiny. His skin was so transparent and fragile.”

Thankfully, Trevor had a team of health professionals that were dedicated to fighting for life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and some doctors are hesitant to treat babies born before 24-weeks because that’s what they consider the age of viability.

Trevor’s doctor pointed out that it is rare for babies like him to survive. Dr. Scott Mutchler said, “Understatement to say miracle, a lot of prayer and faith intense from the nurses. It is a nonstop screaming ride.” An NICU nurse added, “There were a lot of days when we left here and were not sure we would see him again, and to see him do well, this is the best reward we could ask for.”


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Now, nearly a year later, Trevor is going home and his parents are expecting another baby. Becky concluded by saying she’s happy they are leaving the hospital but nervous about the future. She said, “Bitter sweet I think, to me it is a miracle, amazing, that he came this far. I am nervous, excited. I am sure there will be tears. I hope I have what it takes.”

As LifeNews previously reported, a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that more “micro preemies” are living outside the womb than doctors thought possible. Currently, a micro preemie is considered to be a baby born weighing less than 1 pound, 12 ounces or before 26-weeks. The New York Times reported that the study found that some babies born at 22-weeks who receive advanced medical care have survived with few health problems.

This is why many nations around the world, including Germany, Russia, and France, prohibit most late abortions. However, in the United States, women can have abortions in the final four months of pregnancy. Although abortion activists claim that this is rare, in 2011, the Center for Disease Control reported that there were 9,709 abortions done at 18-20 weeks and 7,325 abortions on babies older than 21 weeks.