Planned Parenthood Asks Supporters to Thank Staff for Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

National   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Jul 28, 2015   |   12:56PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

There are four Planned Parenthood doctors who have been caught on camera facilitating the sale of body parts from aborted babies and future videos are expected to show additional top abortion business officials doing the same thing. One might expect the abortion giant would consider firing these top Planned Parenthood officials, reprimand them in some way or take some other administrative action against them.

Instead Planned Parenthood is launching a Thank You campaign.

That’s right, the abortion company is asking its supporters to send its staff thank you cards telling them how much they appreciate everything they do. There’s no disclaimer asking Planned Parenthood donors to exclude their work selling aborted babies when they thank Planned Parenthood staff for what they do. So it appears Planned Parenthood is asking it supporters to thank them for everything — including selling aborted baby body parts.

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Here’s the text of the unbelievable email obtained from Planned Parenthood to its donors:

Dear Supporter,

If you’ve been a Planned Parenthood patient (and 1 in 5 U.S. women have!), you know just how dedicated Planned Parenthood health center staff — nurses and doctors, receptionists and directors and educators — are. They go to work every day with one mission: deliver the absolute best care to their patients.

That’s a high standard on a good day. And when you’ve had a couple of days (or weeks) fighting dangerous misinformation and lies from extremists… it’s really hard.

So, I want to take a minute to do something for health center staff at a time when they really need it. I want to say thanks — and I hope you’ll join me. I want to say thanks because our amazing staff shows up day after day, ready to deliver compassion and care to every single woman, man, and young person who steps through their doors.

I want to say thanks because Planned Parenthood health center staff is at the front lines of what really matters in this fight: providing health care to our patients, every day, no matter what. Will you take a minute to join me?


We’ll deliver your messages to Planned Parenthood staff this week. I can tell you that your support means so much. When protesters gather outside Planned Parenthood’s doors, and legislators continue to attack however they can, it’s so incredibly heartening to know that there are people like you across the country standing with us.

Thanks for taking a minute to add your thanks to mine — I can’t wait to share your support.

Cecile Richards

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