Mom’s Premature Baby Dies After Doctors Mistook Signs of Labor for Kidney Stones

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 27, 2015   |   1:38PM   |   London, England

In the United Kingdom, 34-year-old Davina Nelid lost her baby after doctors mistook signs of labor as kidney stones.

According to the Daily Mail, Nelid was five months pregnant with her fifth child when she visited Whiston Hosital for stomach pain. However, doctors said that she was not in labor and sent her home. Then she went in for a second time complaining of pain and once again they said she had no signs of labor and told her to go home.

Now Nelid says if the hospital would have listened her daughter would be here today. She explained, “If they would have listened to me and believed I was in labor they could have taken all of the correct measures.  But I was devastated to be totally ignored and fobbed off with thrush cream and kidney stones. It was so surreal to give birth after being turned away from the doctors twice already.”

She added, “I’ve had four other children and this one was definitely not a normal birth – there was no pain. I was so frustrated that doctors at Whiston Hospital wouldn’t believe me, I knew the baby was coming.”

On July 8th, Nelid gave birth to Isla Dolly and she was transferred to a specialist neonatal unit. She only weighed 1Ib 8oz and passed away five days later. Nelid said that Isla was fighting for her life and at one point they thought she was going to make it.

She said, “They finally took us to see her and she was more tubes than baby, but she was so perfect, she was just a normal baby, but smaller. I remember thinking she had quite big feet – they were so cute and she was just so lovely. We went to register her birth and came back to show her the certificate – she had even started to open her eyes.”

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Although the hospital is sorry for Nelid’s loss, they don’t believe they are at fault for Isla’s premature death. A spokesman from Whiston Hospital said, “Trust offers its sincere condolences to Mrs Neild and her family for their sad loss. After a thorough consultant led review, the Trust is confident that Mrs Neild’s care was timely and appropriate for her initial presenting condition. Mrs Neild underwent appropriate examinations to establish that she was not in labour.”

He concluded, “She was discharged home with her full agreement and given advice to return if her condition changed. When Mrs Neild returned there were still no signs of labour.  However, due to Mrs Neild’s symptoms worsening and the fact that premature labour can be unpredictable a higher degree of caution was taken.  For this reason Mrs Neild was transferred to Arrowe Park where neonatal cots are provided.”

As LifeNews previously reported, in Scotland a baby survived after being delivered via emergency cesarean section 15-weeks early at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital. Sanne Kamphorst weighed 1Ib 14 oz when she was born and spent a total of 103 days in the intensive care unit and relied on a ventilator, blood transfusions and steroids to survive. Remarkably, however, Sanne survived and is now home with her parents and her older bother Joris.