Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Names Planned Parenthood Board Member as Chief of Staff

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 24, 2015   |   11:25AM   |   Harrisburg, PA

As Planned Parenthood comes under fire nationally for harvesting aborted babies’ organs, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf today appears to have appointed a board member of the abortion giant as his chief of staff.

According to a biography posted on the website for Mack Sumner Communications, Mary Isenhour, Wolf’s new top advisor, serves on the board of Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania.

This part of her biography is not in the official state press release, perhaps conveniently so. Nationally, Planned Parenthood faces two federal investigations into whether the abortion chain is profiting off the sale of aborted babies’ tissue and changing the abortion technique for the purpose of harvesting intact organs, both of which are illegal. Watch the undercover videos that led to the investigations here.

Wolf himself served as a volunteer escort for Planned Parenthood at one time, according to Cecile Richards, CEO of the national organization.

In appointing Isenhour, Wolf sends a clear message that he continues to support the abortion giant, even as it is embroiled in scandal.

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LifeNews Note: Micaiah Bilger is the Education Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.