Mom and 36-Week Unborn Baby Dies After Tragic Crash, Didn’t Wear Seat-Belt Because of Baby Bump

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 22, 2015   |   7:28AM   |   London, England

In a tragic case out of England, an expectant mother was killed along with her 36-week-old unborn baby during a violent car crash.

According to the Daily Mail, Sophie Williams was on the way home with her fiancé, Ben Morgan, on Valentines Day when strong winds caused an oncoming car to hit them. Unfortunately, Sophie was not wearing a seatbelt and had her feet up on the dashboard because she was trying to find a comfortable sitting position.

The coroner for South Wales, Wendy James, explained that if Sophie would have been wearing a seatbelt she could have survived. She said, “Sophie was not wearing her seatbelt at the time. Had she been sat in the normal position it is entirely possible any injuries she had sustained may not have been fatal.” To make matters worse, Sophie’s airbag didn’t deploy potentially because her feet were on the dashboard.

Prior to Sophie’s death, she was already the mother of one daughter, Mia, and had named her unborn daughter Kayleigh. Immediately after the accident, surgeons tried to save Kayleigh by performing an emergency caesarean but were unsuccessful. Fiancé Ben and the other driver involved in the crash survived with minor injuries.

Sophie’s mother, Maria, was heartbroken over the news of her daughter’s death. She said, “I just have to look after my children and Mia and appreciate every moment with them. Sophie wasn’t just my first born, she was my best friend, and Mia is all I have left of her. I cannot bring Sophie back but I can bring up her daughter and make sure she knows how much she loved her. They are forever in our hearts.”

Additionally, Maria said she wasn’t surprised that her daughter wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. She explained, “She was very uncomfortable for months before and she couldn’t walk easily. She was so tiny anyway and would sit on her legs and have them up on the dashboard to get comfortable.”

As LifeNews previously reported, earlier this year a 20-year-old lost her life only 30-minutes after discovering she was pregnant. In April, Hannah Sanders and boyfriend, Lee Palmer, were so excited about the baby news that they hopped in their car to go tell Hannah’s parents. However, they never arrived and Hannah, Lee and their unborn baby died immediately in the crash.

After the accident, Pat Sander’s, Hannah’s mother, said she found out about the couple’s baby when the police handed her a printout of the messages her daughter posted on an online forum for expecting moms. Hannah’s last message on the forum read, “I still won’t be 100 per cent convinced till I have like 30 lines lol.”

Hannah’s mother said that the couple had just picked up the keys to a house and were planning to get married. She also commented on Hannah’s posts online. She said, “We couldn’t believe it. Hannah was so obviously thrilled and there were so many messages of congratulations – poignantly, some were even being posted after she’d died. But then as news of the deaths spread, people began posting RIP condolences.”