Touching Photo Shows Premature Twin Girls Holding Hands as They Fought for Their Lives

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 20, 2015   |   2:29PM   |   London, England

In June 2014, Hannah Moore went into labor at 26-weeks and delivered twin girls, Lily and Grace Johnstone, via emergency caesarean section. The girls only weighted two pounds when they were born and struggled to survive at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The Daily Mail reports that the girls were separated for seven weeks because Lily had infection and needed to be treated with antibiotics. Additionally, the girls were put on ventilators to help them breath.

However, Hannah said that the girls helped each other survive after they were reunited.

She said, “The fact that they held hands in hospital throughout their battle for survival just gave each other strength. I don’t know if they could have done it without each other.” She added, “It was such an emotional moment. It was as though they were both reassuring each other that they were going to pull through. It was absolutely amazing to see.”

Now the girls are toddlers and are completely healthy.

Hannah concluded, “They are inseparable. Even if I just take one to have their nappy changed the other cries until she comes back. They love being together. They are always giggling and smiling at each other. They will be best friends for life.”

Unbelievably, at 26-weeks some babies can be aborted in the United States even though they can potentially live outside the mother’s womb. In fact, there are 300 doctors and 275 clinics that perform abortions after 20 weeks and some who perform them after 24-weeks.

The Legislative Director at National Right to Life, Douglas Johnson, explained, ““Late abortions are not “rare.” At least 275 facilities offer abortions past 20 weeks fetal age.  Because of publicity surrounding the trial of Kermit Gosnell and subsequent revelations about other abortionists, many Americans are becoming aware for the first time that abortions are frequently performed late in pregnancy on babies who are capable of being born alive, and on babies who will experience great pain while being killed.”

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As LifeNews previously reported, Kermit Gosnell was a late-term abortionist who was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder. He ran a “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia where minority women were maimed and their babies were butchered. His “clinic” was filled with bloody furniture, outdated equipment, and the body parts of babies that he slaughtered. The Grand Jury report estimates that Gosnell delivered hundreds of babies alive and then had their spinal cords “snipped.”

In 2013, Indiana representative Marlin Stutzman described Gosnell’s facility before members of Congress.

He said, “In that building—crawling with animals, reeking of urine, and filled with bloodstained furniture—Kermit Gosnell was running a slaughterhouse. On a regular basis, he used a pair of scissors to sever the spinal cords of helpless babies who were born alive during illegal, late-term abortions. The loss of these lives should scar the conscience of civilized people everywhere. This is not a discussion about abstract concepts like ‘choice,’ we are talking about brutal deaths of newborn children. Mr. Speaker, Kermit Gosnell is a predator who must be publicly exposed and openly denounced and that’s why I come to the floor—to bring attention to this case.”

Ultimately, Gosnell’s story and others like it highlight the need for Congress to ban abortion after 20-weeks in America. Thankfully, The Washington Examiner reports that the U.S. Senate plans to hold a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act after the August recess.