Wendy Davis Sends Planned Parenthood $100 After It’s Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 15, 2015   |   6:56PM   |   Washington, DC

It was a derogatory term but maybe there’s a reason some pro-life people derisively called Wendy Davis the “Abortion Barbie.”

Davis has come full circle from filibustering a bill that would ban late-term abortions. Now she has given the Planned Parenthood abortion business a $100 donation — less than 24 hours after it was exposed selling the body parts of aborted babies for research.

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On Twitter, Davis responded to abortion advocates who challenged her to give a matching donation to the abortion company.

Davis is just giving back what she’s earned from the abortion giant — after all, it hired her to give fundraising speeches.

One would have thought that after Wendy Davis’ abysmal loss in her Texas Gubernatorial bid that she would have packed her bags and gone home. But – leave it to Planned Parenthood which helped fund and promote Davis’ failed campaign to keep her pink tennis shoe dream of late term abortion alive and well.