Hillary Clinton Unfit to be President Because She Pushes Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

Opinion   |   Maria Vitale Gallagher   |   Jul 13, 2015   |   6:23PM   |   Washington, DC

From the time I was about seven years old, I was dreaming of the day when our nation would celebrate our first female President. I was fortunate to grow up in an era when women were gaining a foothold in professions where they had been seriously underrepresented in the past—areas such as the law, medicine, and science. It seemed only fitting that a woman should hold the highest office in the land.

But now that I’m grown, I have serious reservations about the woman who is the Democratic frontrunner at this point—Hillary Clinton. It is all too clear that she is seriously out of touch with today’s women.

Take, for instance, her stand on abortion. A Gallup poll found that 60 percent of women want all or nearly all abortions to be illegal. 60 percent!

And yet, the presumed female standard-bearer for the Democratic Party said that religious beliefs “have to be changed” to accommodate access to abortion.

Obviously, as the polling clearly indicates, most women don’t buy that. If their opinions on abortion were translated into public policy, religious beliefs wouldn’t change—laws would.

Meanwhile, the pro-abortion lobbying group known as NARAL had this to say about Hillary’s run for the White House:  “We know that the rights we fight to protect and expand everyday at NARAL Pro-Choice America are more than safe in Secretary Clinton’s hands.”

In other words, the abortion industry believes that Hillary will work to expand abortion—a state of affairs which would be completely at odds with the desires of most women in the U.S.

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During her time in the Senate, Hillary’s voting record earned a 100 percent rating from NARAL—again, exactly the opposite of the views of the majority of females in this country.

Groups such as NARAL believe in abortion for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy. This is not where most women today stand. So, by standing with NARAL, Hillary is standing against most women.

In particular, she is standing against women who have had abortions, and who now regret their decision.

Women like Patricia from Georgia, who was deeply hurt by her abortion experience. As she states on the Silent No More Awareness Campaign website, “I should have never had the abortion. I never thought things would be this way.  If I had I known, or at least have been warned that that ‘little decision’ would have this effect on me, I would have never followed through with it. Had I just held on a little longer and thought things through, I would have chosen to keep her. If there was anything I could do to take it back, I wouldn’t even think twice. I’d do whatever it takes. I would be feeling her kicks right now and I would be talking to her and wishing I could see her already. I would be having my baby girl in my arms soon. This is why I am silent no more.”

Hillary is the wrong choice for the women of America. As President, she would turn the clock back on the protections for women and children many women have worked so hard for. A vote for Hillary is a vote against the well-being of women—both the future female leaders inside their mothers’ wombs, and the mothers who would serve as their role models.