Abortionist Sliced Open Stomachs and Cut Off Heads of Live Aborted Babies for Research

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 9, 2015   |   2:01PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion researcher Sarah Terzo chronicles the outrageous quotes from abortion activists over the years on her web site Clinic Quotes and one in particular from 1980 caught my attention.

“In 1980, Dr. Martti Kekomaki justified conduction experiments involving slicing open the stomachs and cutting off the heads of live late-term aborted babies,” Terzo said.

Here’s what Kekomaki, an abortionist in Finland, had to say about how and why he used aborted babies for research.

“An aborted baby is just garbage and that’s where it ends up. Why not make use of it for society?”

Is this an isolated incidence from decades ago or is using aborted babies for research something the abortion industry routinely does? Two reports from this year alone indicate the latter.

In California, a biotech company called Ganogen Inc. is bragging about their new research breakthrough in a procedure that harvests the organs of aborted children and transplants them in animals, where they can grow and then be made available to patients. On their website, the company calls the process Xenotransplantation and asks the question, “Would you accept an organ from a pig, cow, baboon or a chimpanzee to save your child’s life, or your own?”

The founder of Ganaogen Inc., Eugene Gu, said, “Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage.”

This new development, reported by Live Science, seems eerily right out of a science fiction movie.

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Meanwhile, a court in Hungary has found a group of people guilty of a scheme to sell embryonic stem cells on the black market that were harvested from the bodies of aborted babies and planned for use in cosmetics.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel Daniel Lipsic participated in a hearing in Hungarian General Court in a criminal case involving the harvesting of embryonic stem cells and tissue from aborted babies and using them for profit in cosmetic procedures. The pro-life group filed a friend-of-the-court brief opposing such use.

“A baby is precious, not a precious commodity,” said Lipsic. “This horrific and inhuman use of a child’s cells and tissues has no place in a civilized society. No one should be allowed to line their wallets with profit gained from creating this kind of black market–one that generates a hideous demand for babies’ bodies for use in unapproved, elective cosmetic procedures.”

According to ADF, in July 2009, nine people were arrested for using embryonic stem cells and tissues from aborted children for commercial gain. At a Kaposvár clinic specializing in plastic surgery, hundreds of patients agreed to be injected with the cells and tissue for $25,000 per treatment. The procedure was not approved by medical authorities or the Ethics Committee of Hungary’s Scientific Advisory Board.