Writer: If Pro-Life People Truly Cared About Moms and Babies, They Would Push for More Abortions

Opinion   |   Spencer Raley   |   Jul 8, 2015   |   11:00AM   |   Washington, DC

Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon was at it again Monday, writing that if pro-lifers truly cared about mothers and babies, they would push for more abortion! In her article, the liberal extremist argues that the pro-life movement in general doesn’t care about the lives of women, simply because they promote doing everything possible to protect unborn lives.

Williams aims to paint her opponents as irrational and “crazy.” She insists they must choose one or the other: you cannot support measures that protect unborn lives, and still promote women’s health.

I know that arguing with the vehemently anti-choice faction is like arguing a can of soup — pointless and unsatisfying and possibly crazy. Yet for those who may not see the world in strictly black and white, for those who may yet be persuadable by the magic of medical facts, let me urge you to consider this irrefutable truth: That the so-called side of “life” so often comes down firmly on the side of obstructing it.

She goes on with her argument by absurdly claiming the pro-life community wants to bring America to a place where women are forced to sacrifice their lives in order to give non-viable pregnancies a chance:

Even if there’s a slight nod to the possibility that sometimes a woman might actually die bringing a non-viable fetus into the world, it comes with the caveat that a really noble and good woman would take the chance anyway. But don’t worry, across the world, approximately 800 women a day die from pregnancy and childbirth complications, so you get your wish, team “life”!

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I firmly believe that a woman should never have to justify or fight for choices regarding her own bodily autonomy. A woman seeking an abortion should not have to explain or apologize to anybody, period. But relatedly, I am really, really, really, sick of the despicable lie that abortion is just a straight up act of selfishness, committed by baby hating she-monsters and the devil doctors who provide them services… And they don’t want to consider that if you say that a human life has value and you steadfastly refuse to value women, you’re not just ridiculously hypocritical, you’re being downright dangerous.

However, Williams and Salon actually expose their hypocrisy on women’s health with temper tantrums like this. They bemoan very rare cases and extreme opinions that very few pro-lifers hold, then turn around and blast conservative efforts to increase the healthcare standards of abortion clinics, many of which don’t even have wide enough doors for EMT gurneys.

If Salon truly wants to expose those who do not fully value the lives and rights of both mothers and unborn babies, perhaps they should simply take an honest look in the mirror.

LifeNews Note: Spencer Raley writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.