Baby Zion Lived Only 10 Days After Birth, But His Story Touched the World

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 7, 2015   |   8:24AM   |   Washington, DC

When Zion Isaiah Blick was born on January 11, his parents Joshua and Robbyn knew he would not have long to live. He was diagnosed with Trisomy 18m, a terrible fetal anomaly that cost him his life shortly after birth.

So the Illinois couple made sure they appreciated every precious moment – and documented his short life in a series of touching images. He passed away on January 21 after struggling to breathe, but his parents, who are devout Christians, said his short life taught them about life, God and love.

So often when a baby is diagnosed with a condition like Trisomy 18, doctors will encourage parents to consider an abortion. But Robbyn and Josh Blick, when they found out their baby had the condition at 20 weeks, they never gave aborting little Zion Isaiah a second thought.
Sadly, despite the fervent prayers of Josh’s congregation where he is a pastor, Zion died 10 days after birth. But the couple has no regrets at giving Zion a chance at life.

LifeNews reported on Baby Zion previously, but the LiveAction blog has just posted some more pictures of Baby Zion from his family that are worth seeing and great reminders of the life Zion lived, however short:

Zion Isaiah Blick was born on January 11 with Trisomy 18.  He lived only 10 days after birth, but within just a few short weeks, the story of his life had touched the world.  His father Josh Blick said of his son in a video posted on Vimeo, “I want you to know that you didn’t have to be big and tall or even loud for us to notice you. You didn’t have to stand in front of a pulpit or write a book to capture our attention. You just did.”

A youth pastor at Alpine Chapel, a non-denominational church in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Josh and his wife Robbyn posted touching Instagram pictures and a Video to commemorate Zion’s short time with them and their four other sons, writes the Daily Mail.   In the video, Robbyn reflected, “My sweet, precious Zion, you are my gift.  Every breath you took was a moment to inhale the perfection of God’s beauty.  Every beat of your heart was a measure of love.”


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