Newborn Baby Was Declared Dead for Almost 10 Minutes, Then She Came Back to Life

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 6, 2015   |   1:11PM   |   London, England

In the United Kingdom, Amy Fynn’s daughter, Lilia, wasn’t breathing when she was born and doctors initially thought she was dead. For nine unbearable minutes, Amy watched as doctors attempted to resuscitate her child and bring her back to life. Thankfully, they were successful and now Lilia is nearly two-years-old.

However, Lilia’s traumatic entrance into the world deprived her brain of oxygen and she was later diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. In fact, doctors told Amy that her daughter may never be able to walk but she is just thankful she’s alive.

The Daily Mail reports that Amy said the following about her daughter’s delivery: “The labor started out absolutely fine. I wanted it to be natural so I had a birthing pool and no drugs. Of course, it was painful but I just kept thinking that it would all be over soon and I’d have my baby.”

She continued, “Then, everything suddenly turned frantic. A nurse shouted to Liam to pull the emergency chord and we noticed Lilia had come out completely white and wasn’t moving. Doctors took her to be resuscitated in another room and all we could do was wait. I was sobbing while Liam just sat there in shock, completely quiet. In all the panic, we didn’t even know if we’d had a boy or a girl. Finally hearing our beautiful baby had come back from the dead was indescribable. All I wanted to do was cuddle her.”

Unfortunately, after Lilia was resuscitated Amy couldn’t hold her because she was sent to intensive care to prevent further brain damage.


Amy explained, “I could only touch her through the hole in the incubator. I felt so awful not being able to hold her. I’d carried her for nine months and this just wasn’t something I ever dreamed would happen.”

After Amy and her husband, Liam, brought Lilia home they realized something was off and brought her in to be evaluated.

They said, “We noticed she couldn’t roll over or put her hands up to her mouth. She had problems with her balance and, even now, she struggles to prop herself up and can only sit up for around two or three minutes. She can’t crawl. She has a walking frame but more often than not, we have to carry her.”

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Currently, Lilia receives physical, speech and language therapy and is monitored very closely by her doctors. Amy says that even though she knows Lilia may never walk they want to hope for the best.

She said, “We want to give Lilia as many experiences as possible and prevent her having to miss out due to her condition. Through all of this, the one thing she does do is smile. She loves laughing and having fun, she just needs people to help her do so.”

She concluded, “We were told that Lilia would never walk in a passing comment by a physiotherapist. I respect their opinion, and we’re realistic that if she can’t sit up for long independently by now, it’s likely they may be right. But it’s so hard to think like that, we want to give her the best chance possible and hope she might beat the odds.”