Man Stabs and Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend Screaming “I Will Kick That Baby Out of You”

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 6, 2015   |   11:26AM   |   London, England

In the United Kingdom, 20-year-old Simon Easterbrook stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend with a knife and beat her while screaming “I’m going to kick that baby out of you.” The woman, who was 18-weeks pregnant, broke up with Easterbrook earlier that year and he was seeking revenge. According to the Mirror Online, prior to the beating he also drenched her clothes in bleach and ruined her television.

He told her, “You’re not with me so why should you have my child.” Then he stabbed her arm and said, “I hope she’s dead.”

Apparently Easterbrook told his mother about the entire incident and acknowledged that he was in trouble. Now Easterbrook has been in prison for nearly two years and has admitted to causing bodily harm. The prosecutor involved in the case, Felicity Payne, described the woman’s reaction to the assault like this: “She was shaking and petrified. She says she knew he was going to go for her stomach. He began punching and kicking her repeatedly in the stomach area around six times. He said if she did not want to be with him she could not have the child.”

In a pre-sentencing report Easterbrook explained why he assaulted the mother of his child. He said, “I went mad and didn’t know what I was doing.” However,

Judge Jeremy Griggs wasn’t moved by his admission. He said, “This was a nasty assault. Relationships come to an end for a variety of different reasons but when they come to an end it’s often hurtful. But to engage in this sort of behavior you took part in on that occasion in May you know is wholly unacceptable and has to be punished.

Judge Griggs concluded, “This is as unpleasant as it gets, involving kicking and punching to the stomach and no doubt an attempt to cause your child to be aborted. Thankfully, that has not happened.”

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Although Easterbrook may be behind bars for a while, his ex-girlfriend doesn’t plan to let him see his child any time soon.

She said, “I look at what Sam did to my arm and realize he could have killed me. If he could do this to me what could he do to the baby. I never want to see him again.”

Easterbrook’s attorney, Anne Bellchambers, attempted to gloss over his crimes and said he’s sorry for his actions.

She explained, “It was his way of getting his own back because he was very upset. He says she did not deserve what happened and is very remorseful. He has a very good work ethic and wants help with anger management.”