Identical Twins Give Birth on the Same Day, Hours Before Their 30th Birthday

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jul 6, 2015   |   2:51PM   |   London, England

In England, identical twins Katie and Amy delivered their children on the same day just hours before they both turned 30. Remarkably, the pair became pregnant around the same time without trying and announced their pregnancies to their family.

Katie shared more about the experience with the Mirror Online. She said, “We were supposed to be going paintballing as a family but I’d just found out I was pregnant so couldn’t take part. I’d told my mother but my sister had guessed I was pregnant and asked my mother at a family meal revealing that she was too. So within one weekend my parents found out we were both pregnant.”

As children, Amy and Katie did everything together and apparently that trend has continued into adulthood. Amy said, “We’ve done everything in our lives at similar times. Our family are used to it. We got married within a year of each other too. Katie got married in June 2012 and I was married in August 2013.”

However, Katie said that finding out that her twin was pregnant at the same time was definitely a bit stressful. She explained, “Obviously, like any pregnancy, you have the worry before you get to the 12th week and all the other concerns throughout the pregnancy milestones but as well as worrying about your own baby you worry for your twin. It was quite an anxious time. I was given June 5 as my due date and Amy was given June 2.”

Here’s more:

Katie gave birth to Ella, who weighed 7lbs 6oz, at 5.38am in Singleton Hospital in Swansea while Amy had 8lbs 7oz Henry in Bridgend’s Princess of Wales Hospital at about 11.15pm the same day. “It was bizarre because I was in labour and had a message from my mother saying Amy was being induced,” said Katie.

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“But still I thought that would be the next day. “It was really funny because when my mum came to visit she would tell the midwife that she now had to leave to see my twin who was also having a baby. “Everyone thought it was amazing.”

For Amy making crucial decisions about whether to have an epidural were made easier because of a decision already made by her sister in the hospital 26 miles away. “My waters had broken the day before and I was being induced which was really painful,” said Amy.

“I was asked if I wanted an epidural and because I knew Katie was going through the same thing I felt happier about the decision.”

As if the coincidences weren’t enough Katie’s first midwife when she got to Singleton was called Katie – while Amy’s midwife was called Amie. “There were lots of odd things like that,” said Amy. “June is going to be a month of major celebrations in the family as my husband Ollie’s birthday is exactly a week after mine – or ours, I should say. I think we’ll have a big celebration next year because we didn’t really do much to celebrate our 30th but we did have the best presents ever!”