Video Catches Abortion Activist Attempting to Destroy Sign a Pro-Life Advocate is Holding

International   |   Abort67   |   Jul 3, 2015   |   6:26PM   |   London, England

Abort67, the project that uses abortion victim photographs to convey the reality of abortion, is prepared to take action against an individual captured on security cameras at a display in Brighton on the 11th June 2015.

Founder of the project, Andy Stephenson, said he released the video of the attack on YouTube primarily to identify the man, but equally to highlight the need for the group to collect evidence of such attacks for use in court.

The group has been criticised by the abortion industry, in particular the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), which has urged MPs to create buffer zones around abortion clinics under the guise of protecting women from being harassed and filmed.

Abort67 has defended its use of security cameras and is clear there is no intention to stop using them.

Andy Stephenson said:

“BPAS want exclusive access to their customers. They initially tried to stop us by focusing on the photographs exposing what they do to the unborn child. That failed, so they are attacking free speech directly with demands for buffer zones around their clinics.

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“Members of the abortion industry have been unaccountable for years, now we are hurting their business, which is based on consumer fraud so they are trying to get rid of us by any means possible.”

The volunteer who was assaulted by the man added, “BPAS focus on our security cameras simply because they know that our filming ourselves on every display gives clearly evidenced refutation to their lies about our conduct and that is a real problem for them.

“They know too that filming ourselves on displays gives clear evidence of the unflattering, and sometimes criminal, behaviour of some of their most ardent pro-abortion supporters.  The video is just one example of why we and indeed all peaceful pro-life activists must ensure that all we do is recorded, in order to bring successful prosecutions against those who violently attack us, and to refute the lies ad nauseum of BPAS et al.”