Chile Health Commission Discussing Legalizing Abortion, Your Help is Needed to Stop It

International   |   Mujeres de Blanco   |   Jul 3, 2015   |   11:12AM   |   Santiago, Chile

In Chile life is protected form conception to natural death. This is because in Chile we believe that the defence of life is an inalienable right. It is the most basic human right.

Currently the Health Commission of the Chamber of MP’s in Chile is discussing the possibility of legalising abortion.

What are they doing?

The Health Commission is currently going through the process of listening to various groups and organisations who represent the two spectrums of the abortion debate, those who are pro-abortion and pro-Life, after which there will be a ‘General Vote’. This ‘General Vote’ will determine if the bill will go ahead or not.

What happened on Tuesday 30/6?

Last Tuesday 30th June the President of the Health Commission, Dr Juan Luis Castro, put pressure on the commission to go for an immediate vote without having heard all those who are registered to comment such as psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, etc. He knew that this would pave the way for the bill to continue the legislative route. There was a great discussion amongst those who were present and many said this was against the rules. But unfortunately those present still reached an agreement that the vote would be taken on July 7th.

There were 8 votes in favour of this agreement and four against. One MP was absent. This group of parliamentarians agreed to receive other ministers and hear groups and organisations that were pending to comment before the voting day or the same day. In brief, the President of the Health commission imposed the ‘General Vote’ because he is acting under pressure from La Moneda. – the Presidential Palace.

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What does it mean if the General Vote goes for a Yes?

It means the same Health Commission will have to study each of the articles of the law and give indications or proposed modifications, which must then be again voted on by all MPs. Therefore this is a very important vote where all the parties should be heard and listened to in order to have all the information before voting.

The Petition

The general public feel that Dr Castro acted against the cross-party agreement on the proceedings and rules of the Health Commission. We believe not following the proceedings is wrong and undemocratic given the extreme importance of what is being discussed: the life of the unborn child and the health of women.

We believe Dr Castro has broken the agreement because he is under pressure by the government. In turn the Government is under pressure to pass the abortion law by international organisations.

Chileans deserve to discuss this Bill without external pressures. We firmly believe that the law needs to attend to the needs of Chilean citizens and not bend to the demands of international organisations.

Please sign this petition to make our voice heard. We need to let our politicians to know that the public finds it totally unacceptable for politicians to do as they like with the legislative system of the country. That it is totally unacceptable that committee is being pressured by the government. That it is totally unacceptable that Chile is pressured by international organisations.

Please Sign!

Your message will be delivered directly to the mail inbox of Dr Juan Luis Castro MP and to the rest of the MPs who are part of the commission.

What other politicians say:

“this reflects the lack of dialogue and the lack of flexibility that we have had over this year and a half (from the government). It reflects the situation of the country today, because such an important bill which threatens the life of the unborn is a project that deserves more discussion, at least hearing the various organizations who feel they have something to say (regarding the matter)” Javier Macaya, UDI

“When the vote happens next week, we will resort to the Constitutional Court to determine the legality of acts of the President of the Health Committee, as there was a prior agreement providing that all organizations would be heard; but now we see that it is making arbitrary decisions that leave out many people who think differently to those who promote this project and want to defend the right to life ” Gustavo Hasbún, UDI

“It’s really unfortunate that the president of the commission has closed the discussion and called a vote like this on a bill that is so important for Chileans, and has refused to listen to civil organizations asking to be heard before voting on the idea of legislating this project. We are talking about the life of the unborn, the life of the voiceless, which is an issue that must be discussed with the greatest of reflections ” Claudia Nogueira

“We are witnessing an act of very little tolerance. The agreement was to hear all organizations. Today that agreement has been broken by the pressure of the government, which has not had the courage to be clear or direct or put urgency into the project’ Claudia Nogueira