Writer: Some People Who are Mad About the Confederate Flag Defend Unlimited Abortion

Opinion   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 24, 2015   |   4:15PM   |   Washington, DC

In the wake of the horrible racially-motivated shootings in Charleston, South Carolina at a black church, the debate over the Confederate flag in the United States is at a fever pitch. In social media and on television, some people are labeling the flags as racist or hate-filled, while others say they are now merely a symbol of regional pride, divorced from their past association with the battle to keep slavery legal.

In the pro-life movement the parallels between slavery and abortion have been presented over and over again — with pro-life advocates noting the similarity in declaring black Americans non-persons and saying unborn children aren’t people who deserve legal protection.

But when it comes to the debate over the Confederate flag, one writer at National Review, notes the juxtaposition in the argument of those who are fervently arguing to remove the flag but who also zealously defend legalized abortion. Why are some of the people who are mad about the Rebel Flag the same people who defend the right to snuff out the life of unborn children.

What do you think of pro-life attorney David French’s comments?

Many of the same people who are most enthusiastically behind the latest round of social justice warfare — centered around flags and symbols that kill no one — also zealously defend an abortion-on-demand regime born in racism and the racist quack “science” of eugenics. They not only defend the practice of brutally killing innocent human life, they often work — especially on campus and in pop culture – to censor, silence, and shame those who seek to protect innocent life. They even want it subsidized by the state.

It’s all well and good that a person can join with the 99.99% of their fellow Americans and condemn the past injustice of slavery and segregation, but God forbid that same person risk the scorn of their peers to utter even one word for life.

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Do we really want to be free — as a nation — from deadly dehumanization and discrimination? Do we really want to do the hard thing — the thing that requires a measure of self-sacrifice and at least some professional or social risk?

When your descendants look back at the indefensible present, do you want them to view you with unmitigated pride, or will you do what people have done throughout all of human history — follow their own crowd until you can follow it no longer? One of the key lessons of the Civil War isn’t, “my ancestors were right, and yours were wrong,” but rather that human beings will build, maintain, and justify cultures of exploitation – right up until the moment that culture crumbles. It’s something that fallen man has been doing since the beginning of time, and it’s something that our nation does today.

Dear social justice warriors, if the abolitionists inspire you, then apply their principles to your own life and your own times. Abolish abortion now.