Video Shows Women 15-50 Reacting to the Word “Abortion,” Some of Them May Surprise You

National   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Jun 22, 2015   |   6:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, Yahoo Lifestyle UK published a piece to do with a video from Cut Video.  This video featured women, ages 15-50, reacting to the word “abortion.” While there were some pro-life views, including from the two youngest women, many referred to an abortion as “a right,” or “a choice.” Some even referred to it as “necessary.”

Yahoo may have attempted to take a neutral view on the subject:

Some people think it’s a personal choice while others steadfastly believe that it’s not acceptable – as this video by Cut clearly shows.

The heartfelt clip shows women aged between 15 and 50 describe their thoughts on abortion in one word, and there’s a huge mix of responses.

Some of the women interviewed and entirely unaccepting of abortion and use strong words such as ‘killing’ to ‘horrible’ to describe it while others say it’s ‘necessary’ and a ‘right’.

The piece does not point out that the reactions in favor of abortion outweighed those against it, and referred to the pro-life reactions as being expressed by “strong words.”

The end of Yahoo’s reporting throws in a pro-abortion comment, and even links to a story of a woman who aborted her baby at eight months:

Every woman who has an abortion has her own reason for doing it – as one woman who   had an abortion at eight months pregnant knows only too well.

The piece also links to websites which may also attempt to portray a neutral viewpoint on abortion, but do support the procedure, and link to pro-abortion organizations in the United Kingdom, such as BPAS and Marie Stopes International, for those interested in “Post-abortion counselling.”:

If you want advice, support or information about abortions, you can get in touch with Abortion Choices or look at your choices on the NHS website.

The responses include seven which are decidedly pro-life, including one woman at 35 who is not only against abortion, but who was asked to have an abortion, but did not, “and is really happy about it.” One of those responses, however, came from a 46 year old, who, while acknowledging that abortion is “killing,” said “depending on the situation, it could be okay.” It is also noteworthy that the two youngest women, ages 15 and 16, were both pro-life, which is reflective of the younger generations being pro-life.

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There were also seven responses which, although referring to abortion in a negative light, did not take as much of a definitively pro-life stance against the procedure. Such responses included reacting to abortion as “scary” (24 year old), “touchy topic” and “hurtful” (28 year old), “pain,” no matter what decision the woman makes (31 year old),  “a hard decision” (33 year old), “confusing” (43 year old), “very sad,” (47 year old), and “unfortunate,” as well as the view that people are too careless with their sexuality, which is why there are abortions (50 year old). The 29 year old referred to abortion as “controversial,” which seems to take on a neutral connotation.

That leaves 21 responses in favor of abortion. This includes 10 responses of “choice” or “pro-choice,” though the 26 year old acknowledged that “it needs to be handled very carefully and not lightly.” The 45 year old mentioned that she had originally been against abortion, but came to favor it over time. The 32 year old even says that it’s “her choice, at one week or 20 weeks.” Four women referred to abortion as “a right” or “a woman’s right.” Two women referred to abortion as “necessary” (19 year old and 40 year old). And two referred to it as “to each its own.” (30 year old and 44 year old). The 27 year old referred to it as “okay,” and the 34 year old responded with “none of your business.”

The video showed the seventeen year old unable to come up with an answer.