Woman Who Lied to Boyfriend About Abortion to Sell Her Baby to a Gay Friend Heading to Prison

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 17, 2015   |   11:29AM   |   Glasgow, Scotland

In Scotland, a pregnant woman has been sentenced to three years in prison after conning her boyfriend into thinking she had an abortion so she could give their baby to a gay friend.  According to BBC News, the woman’s 35-year old friend was sentenced to three years in prison as well.

Sheriff Wood, the official overseeing the case, jailed the pair and told them: “In all respects this was an elaborate and cynical scheme. Neither of you have accepted responsibility for your conduct. You have little insight into your actions and the consequences for others. The maintenance of your innocence does neither of you any credit. You persisted in this wicked scheme for a period of almost three years, until the father was able to get to the truth. Had it not been for his determination there may well have been further damage to this child. The social work report says your conduct is likely to have caused lasting psychological damage, or at least trauma, to this child. You denied the father the opportunity to parent his child for a significant period of time.”

As LifeNews previously reported, the hoax occurred after the woman slept with her friend in a one-night-stand, which she described as a “drunken mistake”. She explained, “We just went out for his birthday and it happened. Maybe it shouldn’t have. Three or four weeks after his birthday my period was late and the test came back positive.”

She decided to tell her gay friend about the baby and he was ecstatic. In fact, he started purchasing clothes for the child. She said, “He really wanted to bring her up and look after her. We found out it was a girl, so he had all the girl’s clothes sitting in the house.”

However, later the woman discovered that her ex-boyfriend was the father but decided to try and sell her friend the baby since he wanted the child anyway. Of course, the woman denied this and said, “It’s definitely not true. I never received any money from him, ever. I can see what it looks like but it’s not true. I am being honest.” Apparently the couple also set up a fake Facebook account for a woman who was supposed to be the man’s surrogate.

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Police documents confirm that the woman did make plans to sell the baby but never received any money. The investigator involved in the case told the woman, “There is a suggestion he gave you money for having a child for him? He [the gay friend] told us it was your idea.” Additionally, the woman didn’t put the child’s biological father on the birth certificate. Instead, she put her gay friend even though she knew that he wasn’t the child’s dad.

Now, unbelievably, the child is three-years-old and the biological father has finally found out about his ex-girlfriends fraudulent behavior. He told the court that he was heartbroken over the whole ordeal but glad he received justice for his daughter. He said, ” I am over the moon. I have finally got justice for my little girl. I don’t think any sentence is high enough to justify what they have done to her.”

Sheriff Wood said the following to the father of the child: “I can’t fail to be impressed by the vigor and stamina that has been required of you to get matters this far; the complaints you’ve made and the letters you have had to write to get people to take this seriously as a criminal complaint.”