New Zealand Abortions Drop to Their Lowest Level Since 1994 as More Babies Saved From Abortion

International   |   Ken Orr   |   Jun 17, 2015   |   6:23PM   |   Wellington, New Zealand

Right to Life is encouraged that the number of abortions in 2014 announced by Statistics NZ, reveals a  further  continuing reduction in the number of unborn children killed before birth.

There were 13,137 abortions in 2014, this is the lowest number of abortions since 1994 [12,835] Right to Life believes that there is  an increasing awareness that abortion is the murder of the innocent and violence against women. There is also an increasing awareness that abortion damages women’s health with an increased risk of breast cancer, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, grief, anger, regret and increased depression.

Right to Life commends those brave and courageous women who when faced with an unplanned pregnancy chose life for their child. These are truly heroic women who deserve our admiration and support. Right to Life also commends the majority of the medical profession who faithful to the Declaration of Geneva have sworn to maintain the greatest respect for human life.

  • The total number of abortions reported in 2014 was 13,137, 936  less than the 14,073 reported in 2013. The number reported for 2014 is the lowest since 1994 (12,835).
  • Nearly one in five pregnancies end in the killing of the child in the womb. In 2014 the abortion ratio was 186 abortions per 1,000 known pregnancies compared with 192 in 2013.
  • There is a notable decrease in the abortion rate for women aged 15-19 years –down from 2096 in 2013 to 1758 in 2014.
  • There were 4,822 [37%] women having a repeat abortion in 2014, down 311 on the 5,133 women having a repeat abortion in 2013. 3,128 women were having their second abortion, 1,134 women were having their third abortion,, 384 their fourth, 120 their fifth, 37 their sixth, 13 their seventh  and 6 their eighth or more abortion. Why is this? How many women are using abortion as a form of contraception?
  • 192 unborn were killed in their mother’s womb on the grounds that they had a serious disability, In 2012 the number was 203, all in violation of the rights of the disabled.
  • It is not known how many abortions were  authorised where the woman sought consideration of an alleged rape.
  • There were 81 abortions that were of 20 weeks or more duration compared with 73 in 2013. 23  were over 22 weeks and 5 were over 23 weeks, 10 were over 24 weeks and 10 were over 25 weeks.

The government continues to promote the killing of unborn children as a “core health service”, that has unlimited funding and no waiting list. It is not a health service and it has no place in our public health system. Women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy deserve compassion and practical assistance to bring their child to birth. The killing of the child is not the solution to this important social issue.

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No child is unwanted as there are many families that are unable to have children, who would love to adopt a child in an open adoption that allows the birth mother to have an on-going relationship with their child. Why does the government continue to refuse to promote adoption as the loving option?

Right to Life must keep  asking; why are many of our churches silent on this crucial justice issue? Note: Ken Orr is the spokesman for Right to Life of New Zealand.