Parents Abandoned Newborn Baby Boy Because He Was Born With No Limbs

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 16, 2015   |   12:39PM   |   Washington, DC

In Brazil, Gabe Adams was born without limbs and abandoned by his parents. However, a family from Utah decided to adopt him and now he is 12-years-old. In a remarkable video documenting his life, Gabe is seen doing all the things most kids his age do including eating, exercising and participating in school activities.

His parents, Ron and Janelle Adams, haven’t treated him differently than the rest of their children because they want him to be independent despite his disability.


As LifeNews previously reported, a baby girl in Romania who was missing limbs was abandoned by her family and then adopted by an American couple. After the adoption, the girl, Jennifer Bricker, became a professional tumbler. Stories like these should remind all of us that regardless of limitations, every life has a unique purpose.

Watch the video below to see Gabe’s unbelievable strength and determination to live life to the fullest. And check out the picture below of Gabe now.

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