He Was Born Months After His Mother Was Declared Brain Dead, Look What He’s Doing Now

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 16, 2015   |   5:48PM   |   Atlanta, GA

In Georgia, 11-year-old Emmanuel Hawkins has written a comic book in memory of his mother who was declared brain dead after a deadly attack by a 17-year-old boy who wanted her to give him ten dollars. Fox News reports that the boy’s mother, Tara, was three months pregnant when the teenager snapped her neck, turned her upside down and dropped her on her head.

Thankfully, Tara’s mother, Nonnie Hawkins, decided to keep her 18-year-old daughter on life-support so that she could give birth to her grandson four months later. Her daughter’s doctors told her that her grandson wouldn’t be able to do much of anything because he would have chronic lung disease and wouldn’t be able to talk or walk.

In 2003, Emmanuel was born 12-weeks early and weighed only two pounds.


However, now with the help of Nonnie, he’s penned a book titled “Bully Me? No Way!” Emmanuel was inspired to write the book after realizing that he doesn’t have a mother because of a bully. He asked his grandmother, “I don’t have a mom because of a bully?” Emmanuel also enjoys swimming, jumping on trampolines and horseback riding with his grandmother.

Emmanuel’s book is free to children and will be turned into a public service announcement on the sometimes-deadly effects of bullying. As LifeNews previously reported, in January 2013, a little girl named Isabella Hope was born in Pensacola, Florida after her mom suffered a severe poly-substance drug overdose that nearly killed her. The doctors who treated the mother, who was only 8-weeks pregnant, said that her body was deprived of oxygen for approximately four hours. The overdose combined with the lack of oxygen left her brain damaged and she was put on life support at a local hospital.

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Immediately following the mother’s tragic incident, doctors said there was no way her baby would survive and suggested that she be taken off life support. Fortunately, the maternal grandmother was against that proposition and said her daughter would want her child to have a chance. Today Hope is a happy two-year-old.

Although it is true that not all cases involving brain-dead pregnant women result in the birth of a healthy child, doctors and family members should give unborn children a chance since their lives are just as valuable as their mothers. Learn more about Emmanuel’s remarkable story and his comic book in the video below.