Company Uses Child With Down Syndrome to Promote Test That Could Lead to Aborting Them

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 15, 2015   |   7:00PM   |   Madrid, Spain

In Spain, a biotechnology company called Genoma placed a building sized banner advertisement for a new prenatal test called “Tranquility”, which screens for Down syndrome. Unfortunately, in the predominantly Catholic country, 95% of babies who are diagnosed with the condition prenatally are aborted.

The ad features a little girl with Down’s and the National Review reports that the picture was used without her parent’s permission.

Although it’s no secret that children with Trisomy 21 are aborted at an astronomical rate, pro-lifers have discovered that the abortion industry has waged a full-fledged attack on these innocent humans. For example, in a horrifying report from Live Action News, a former nurse said that she witnessed infanticide on many of these babies from a delivery room at a hospital.

She said, “The doctor would see the baby’s head coming out through the birth canal, realize it had Down syndrome, and signal us to let it die. The mother’s legs would be up so she couldn’t see what was going on. We would get a little wave of the doctor’s hand – a signal to us not to use suction on the baby. [Then] they’d say to the mother, “We’re just going to give you something to relax you” and the next minute she’d be unconscious. When she came around, they’d say the baby had died on delivery.”

Additionally, more women are choosing abortion because of prenatal tests like Tranquility. For the most part, companies promote their tests by saying that it allows women to be informed, but in actuality their product gives their children a death sentence. To make matters worse, these tests are not always accurate and the companies that sell them often fail to tell expecting parents or their doctors about the significant risks of false results.

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In fact, a three-month investigation conducted by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting found that, “Companies selling the most popular of these screens do not make it clear enough to patients and doctors that the results of their tests are not reliable enough to make a diagnosis.”

However, regardless of if these tests are 100% accurate, the way medical professionals handle a Down syndrome diagnosis sometimes encourages parents to pursue abortion. In March, a father of a daughter with Down’s explained that he was disturbed on how his doctor tried to turn their conversation toward abortion.

He said, “What disturbed me was how the conversation with the consultant and nurse was angled towards termination. There wasn’t a single word about what the future might hold for a child with Down’s. I asked if they had any literature for us to take away and digest. They muttered nervously, before handing over a ripped piece of notepaper with a website address scribbled on. No leaflets, nothing. I was thrown into confusion and anger. Looking back, I can honestly say that those particular health care professionals (I’m not speaking for all) could easily have swayed a couple, who were unsure of their decision, into making a choice they might have regretted for the rest of their lives.”