PETA Lobbies for Whales Held in Captivity, Why Won’t It Speak Up for Babies Killed in Abortions?

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 8, 2015   |   12:58PM   |   Washington, DC

After the controversial documentary, Blackfish, was released in 2013, PETA created various ads that exposed the unethical treatment of killer whales, also known as orcas that are kept in captivity at SeaWorld. Care Net recently commented on their most recent ad, which features pregnant model, Marisa Miller, nude in a bathtub. The pregnancy care website highlights that the purpose of the ad is to show that the living conditions of orcas in captivity can be compared to a pregnant woman living her entire life in a bathtub.

In the ad, the model explains that she believes it’s cruel that SeaWorld keeps orcas in tanks when they should be living in the wild as well as separates them from their caves. Miller said, “Being a mom and seeing Blackfish, it was extremely emotional. I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby.”

This statement is ironic because PETA, on numerous occasions, has refused to speak up for women and unborn babies because their organization only focuses on animal rights. In 2009, attorney Thomas Glessner pointed out that the group sent President Obama a fly catching device after he killed an insect in an interview.

Apparently they were upset that Obama didn’t show the insect any compassion. In a statement they said, “We support compassion for the even the smallest animals. We support giving insects the benefit of the doubt.” Unbelievably, the organization seems to have more empathy for insects than human babies who are often painfully dismembered in the womb.

Additionally, the animal rights group promotes embryonic stem cell research as a way to end animal testing on their website, which basically means they value animal life above human life. CareNet goes on to explain that trainers in SeaWorld eventually came to realize that what they were doing was morally wrong because it was all about money, which is similar to the realization Abby Johnson came to after leaving the abortion industry.

Here’s more:

In a Huffington Post interview, former SeaWorld trainer John Hargrove, had fascinating comments.

“As I became higher-ranked, I saw the devastating effects of captivity on these whales and it just really became a moral and ethical issue. When you first start to see it, you first try to say, ‘OK, well, I love these animals; I’m going to take care of them.’ … You think, ‘I can change things.’ And then all these things, of course, never improve and then you start … seeing mothers separated from their calves; you start seeing trainers being killed, and then they blame [the trainers] for their own deaths.”

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The exact same reasoning in these quotes apply to the abortion discussion.  If you replace words in these quotes with abortion, they make a powerful case.

“Being a mom and learning about abortion, it was extremely emotional. I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby.”  There is a powerful emotional connection between parents and their child. Marisa recognizes this when she talks of how heartbreaking it would be to have a baby taken away.  However, this is what happens every day in abortion clinics.

There is no equivalency between an organization that holds animals in captivity and abortion clinics that are paid to take lives on a daily basis however, the quote from Hargrove is very similar to the awakening abortion workers like Abby Johnson have.  Eventually, as one is exposed to more of the emotional reality of the money-making machine an abortion worker is part of, there comes a breaking point.