Given Three Years to Live, Her Time’s Now Up. See Why She’s Not Killing Herself in an Assisted Suicide

National   |   Laura Peredo   |   Jun 5, 2015   |   10:46AM   |   Sacramento, CA

(LiveActionNews) — Stephanie Packer, a 32-year-old wife and mother, is at the end of the three years she was given to live. But she doesn’t want the option of assisted suicide.

Watch this video to see why.

Recently introduced in California, SB 128 would make it legal for people given a terminal diagnosis (under six months to live) to ask for a prescription from their doctors which would kill them once it’s ingested.

Packer tells us in the video: “I don’t find dignity in taking my own life. It’s something I couldn’t make peace with. It’s something I wouldn’t want my children to have to try to make peace with.”

Packer is not the only one speaking out against this bill. The American Medical Association states:

“Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”

And a coalition is being formed of Californians against the legalization of suicide.

Packer is an inspiration, as she describes the beauty of making memories in her last months of life:

“Once you get that diagnosis, you see things differently. You feel things differently. You know, your perspective on life just changes in a totally different way. Your appreciation for the way things taste, the way you smell things, the way you see things, the way you hear someone’s voice, the presence of your friends and family – you appreciate it. You love it…it’s precious. And that makes life amazing.”

In the video, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty tells us:

“Once you cross that bright line, once we ask physicians to switch their role from becoming healers to becoming killers, this is where things take us.”

Call our lawmakers to tell them you want individuals like Packer to be given the chance to make the most of their lives without being compelled to choose suicide.

LifeNews Note: Laura Peredo writes for  Live Action News.