Three-Day-Old Baby Girl Found Being Eaten by Ants After She Was Abandoned in the Woods

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jun 3, 2015   |   3:32PM   |   Moscow, Russia

In Russia, a three-day old baby was found abandoned in the woods and covered in ants. The newborn girl was found by a man in Chelyabinsk after he heard crying coming from a pile of leaves. A police spokesman explained, “The person that found the baby girl heard her crying and on investigating discovered the child lying on a pile of leaves and covered in ants.  It was clear that the child had been abandoned and there was no one else in sight, so they picked her up and called for an ambulance.”

According to the Daily Mail, police say that the child would not have survived much longer if she had not been found. Apparently the man came across the child when he decided to forgo his usual route to work and take a short cut instead. Unfortunately, babies are abandoned all too often in Russia, which is why pro-lifers have worked hard to promote baby boxes in their country.

Thankfully, there are nearly 100 of these boxes in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic while Italy, Lithuania, Russia and Slovakia have about 10 each. These boxes, also known as baby “hatches,” are known as a safe place a mother can place her baby if she feels she is unable to care for her child. Although abandoning a child is against the law across Europe, some countries have introduced amendments to protect mothers who use a baby hatch.

Currently, Russia has over 650,000 children who are registered orphans; and of these, 370,000 are in state-run care facilities while the others are either in foster care or have been adopted. Some of these orphans are considered “social orphans” because one or more of biological parents are still alive.

As LifeNews previously reported, in Russia an abandoned infant was saved from freezing to death after a stray cat climbed into the box he was dumped in. The baby was left in below zero temperatures and would have died if it weren’t for a cat named Marsha.



Neighbors found Marsha curled around the freezing boy and licking his face after being alerted by his crying. A hospital spokesman told the Central European News, “The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha he was not damaged by the experience.” One of the neighbors who found the baby, Nadezhda Makhovikova, said she went into the stairwell after hearing what sounded like a cat meowing in distress. She said, “When I went down, I saw it was the baby crying.”

Dumped Baby Rescued From Being Eaten By Ants In Forest